Tarot and Astrology as a Language & Embodying the Four of Cups with Brady Waller

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In this episode, I am joined by my guest, Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Author, Brady Waller. Brady and I talk about astrology and tarot as a language and how that is woven through all of the sessions they do and the work they teach. We also do a really beautiful deep dive on the suit of cups and how Brady has been working with the energy of the Four of Cups. We talk about the struggle that’s inherent in expressing emotion and sitting with discomfort And how, often the path of the cups is the hardest for us to walk.

  • We discuss being raised in a conservative environment and how you can start to grow your own roots outside of that.
  • We discuss how intuition is really just a conversation with yourself and how astrology and tarot give language to that conversation.
  • We discuss their upcoming program USastrology and how it can help us all process our feelings and frustrations around the upcoming election in the US.
  • We have a really fun conversation about the astrology of characters on the Netflix show “Anne with an E”.


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