High Priestess Embodiment

Recognize your intuition in your physical body and use those signals to guide your decisions, so that you can stop outsourcing wisdom to other people.


Have you found yourself wondering…

How can I learn to listen to my Intuition when I don’t know what it sounds like or feels like?

My anxiety is really loud. How do I tell the difference between Intuition and Anxiety?

How can I cultivate a deeper understanding of my intuition and how it can become a super power in my daily life?

It’s time to jump start your intuition by learning the exact sensations that arise when you feel your intuition sending you messages.


Knowing exactly what to do in any situation without having to ask close friends and confidants.

No longer feeling stuck in “analysis paralysis”, wondering if you are doing the right thing.

Expanding your intuition without having to sit in meditation for hours everyday.

Releasing the guilt of letting other people down because you know that every decision you make is based on what’s best for YOU.

The High Priestess Embodiment Workshop is a digital workshop to jump start your intuition so that you can recognize the physical sensations intuition triggers in your body and listen to those messages without needing to sit in meditation for hours every day.


What would be possible if you prioritized a deeper understanding of yourself?

“Sheila brings celestial intuition down to a relational earthly level through embodiment and practical exercises. The High Priestess Embodiment Workshop helped me to understand how to use my intuition in everyday life through listening to my own signals and impulses and through my own readings.”

Jess F.
Past Student
“Before working with Sheila, I had very little understanding about trusting my intuition. Not only did she explain how the cards relate to intuition, but she encouraged me to get curious about identifying intuition in my own body. Through our work, I was able to locate where my “gut feeling” originates and how to learn to trust that sensation when it comes up. I love working with Sheila because she brings humor and exploration to her work.”

Emily G
Past Student
“I didn’t totally believe that I had a connection to my intuition before taking this course. I’ve always struggled to trust myself, especially after making bad decisions. This course gave me a process to follow and put me in touch with my intuition. It helped me figure out how to start developing my own connection. Now I find that I check in with myself before I ask friends what to do.”

Kelly M.
Past Student

Here’s What you Get…

Introduction to the High Priestess Tarot Card and Embodiment Work

Learn how embodiment helps us recognize our intuition through physical signals.

Learning to hear your own voice

Find out how your intuition shows up for you and how you can tune into it easier.

A Grounding Yoga Flow

A short, grounding yoga flow to help you get into your body and focus your mind.

Journal Prompts for Connecting with Intuition

These prompts will help guide you to continue the practice of connecting with your intuition

Q & A Recording of any questions that come up in the course

You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any of the content.

Past Q & A Recording & Future Recordings

Access to the Q & A recordings from past High Priestess Course offerings and future sessions.  New content recordings will be available several times a year for as long as the course is offered.

BONUS: Intuition For Troubled Times and Empath Sorting Meditation

A bonus lesson on tuning in to intuition during these troubled times.  A guide to what is normal and what you can do to protect your energy and get back in touch with your intuition.  Also included my Empath Sorting Meditation which is a great way to release other people’s emotions and anxiety.


Or if you are looking for a peek inside…

You might be thinking…

Sheila, you’re crazy!  I’m not intuitive and I have the love life to prove it!

I hear you and I get it.  But I promise you ARE intuitive.  We all are.  This course will remind you the ways that you are already connecting with your intuition and help you start to develop a stronger more reliable connection to it in the future.

How do I know your way will work for me?

Well, because I have a lifetime of experience and there are several different types of exercises in this course.  Also, consistency is key.  This course is designed to teach you small ways to include this practice in your daily life without just expecting you to sit in meditation for hours.

What if I’m bad at meditating?

Join the club!  But this course is not asking you to spend tons of time meditating.  It’s about finding small ways to connect with your intuition in daily life.

I’m out of control.  I keep buying online trainings and I never seen to finish them.  Tell me this won’t be like the others!

It’s won’t. I promise.  The High Priestess Embodiment Workshop is the quick and dirty guide to intuition.  You can complete the whole course and have a deeper connection to your intuition in two hours.  But just in case that feels like too much right now, you do have access to the course for as long as I’m running it, as well as any updates. (I will send you an email whenever the content is updated letting you know to check it out.)


“Sheila is a wonderful mirror into your soul. Her calm, positive vibes will make you feel as if you’re sitting with an insightful friend who will guide you to your truest life path. As a teacher, she truly brings her passion for her craft to the table.”

Maureen R.

Enrollment is open now for the High Priestess Embodiment Workshop

But not for long…Doors Close Friday, July 3rd at 11:59 PM

High Priestess Embodiment Workshop

Prerecorded Video Content (valued at $200)

Embodiment Exercises (valued at $100)

Yoga Flow to Ground and Center (valued at $20)

Guided Meditation ($15)

Q & A Recordings  (valued at $100)

An undeniable connection to your intuition (PRICELESS)

BONUS: Intuition for Troubled Times and Empath Sorting Meditation ($40)

Total Value : $475



Meet Your Instructor

Sheila is a healer, intuitive, and tarot reader working to bring intuition into the main stream, as a tool for empowerment, decision making, and mindfulness.

Sheila has been on a long intuitive journey and after years of sifting through tons of books, trainings, and online resources, she finally distilled all of her endless searching into this workshop.

She has been providing Reiki healing and reading tarot professionally for four years and has given thousands of readings giving clients insights on career, relationships, and major life decisions.

Q & A

Is this a tarot course?

No, this course is centered around the High Priestess Tarot Card, but through the lens of bringing that card’s energy into our everyday lives.  Learning the wisdom of the card instead of just how to read it.

How do you know it will work for me?

Because this course was designed through my extensive experience as a healer, a tarot reader, and a medium.  These are exercises I have gained from years of extensive intuitive training and my own professional experience.  These are my tried and true exercises for developing intuition.

What if I’m not intuitive enough?

That’s just not true.  We are all intuitive and I know that intuition is like a muscle…the more you use it, the stronger it will get.

What if I don’t have a lot of time?

That’s cool.  This workshop will take approximately two hours but it’s broken down into chunks so you can always come in and out as it works for you. You also have access for the lifetime of the course so you can come back and listen to the lessons over and over as many times as you want.

What do you mean by lifetime access?

I mean you will have access to the course for as long as I am offering it. As of now, I have no intention of discontinuing this course but if I decide to at any point I would give you the opportunity to download the content for your future use.

High Priestess Embodiment Workshop

Prerecorded Video Content (valued at $200)

Embodiment Exercises (valued at $100)

Yoga Flow to Ground and Center (valued at $20)

Guided Meditation ($15)

Q & A Recordings  (valued at $100)

An undeniable connection to your intuition (PRICELESS)

BONUS: Intuition for Troubled Times and Empath Sorting Meditation ($40)

Total Value : $475



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