Hi, I’m Sheila.  I  love to help clients explore and connect to their intuition and fully commit to self-care.   I work with people in transition by bringing them back into balance, clarifying their purpose, and energizing them with the best way to move toward their goals.

Between social media and the twenty-four hour news cycle, our brains are constantly on overdrive, leaving so many people feeling exhausted, burnt out, and insanely anxious.  I help people who desperately want down-to-earth guidance and tools to help them quickly figure out how to navigate challenges.  Think of me like a side-kick on your spiritual journey – a little bit wise and a little bit goofy.

I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Kundalini Reiki Master,  past life healer, tarot reader, and medium.  I like to call myself an all around energy specialist and I have been reading energy since I was a little girl.

Feeling skeptical?  Not into all this woo-woo stuff?  I know the feeling. You don’t have to be into it for it to work for you.  You just have to be open-minded.

That’s my professional life.  If you’re still curious, here are a couple more facts about me:

I am the oldest of four children: one brother, and two sisters.

I live just outside Philadelphia, PA with my boyfriend, Mike (who takes all of my photos and designed my logo).

I am second generation American.  My grandmother came over from Ireland when she was just fifteen!

I can play guitar and piano (poorly) and sing (very well).  I like to sing songs around the house  about what task I’m doing.

I had a twelve year career in project management before making the transition to working for myself full-time in May 2019.

In my spare time you can find me teaching or practicing yoga, doing bar trivia with friends, or snuggled up watching netflix with my guy.

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My Philosophy

As a facilitator of healing, I believe it is my responsibility to stay open and hold space for your experiences without judgement.  My practice is trauma-informed and anti-racist. I accept people of all backgrounds therefore my space is one that is safe for LBGTQIA clients and I strive to be non-harmful toward BIPOC clients.  Know that when you have a session with me, you have no need to explain yourself or defend your experience.  I honor whatever your experience is and I meet you exactly where you are.   Know that wherever you are coming from, whatever pain you are working through, my space is not one where you need to minimize your feelings or carefully select your words.  You can just be who you are.  I am an imperfect person but I continue to learn and grow and I will continue to do my best to make my healing work a place where all people, and especially those marginalized, feel welcome.  I continue to listen deeply and learn from you.


Tarot is for you if you are at a crossroads and want to see your current challenge clearly, navigate complex decisions, and plan how to move forward with confidence. Sometimes our emotions can get in the way of us seeing a clear path forward.  Tarot is a neutral bystander that provides information and insight to our blind spots. 

Decision Maker – This reading is for you if you are analyzing multiple options and trying to decide which is in their best interest.  These sessions provide validation and insight into the strengths and challenges of each option. (Great for career insight.)

Challenge Deep Dive – This reading is for you if you have a specific challenge or two that you are trying to navigate with as much information as possible.  You can also ask questions as we go? (Great for relationship and career insight.)

Yearly Planner – This reading is a look at the energy of the year ahead to help you plan to work with that energy, rather than against it.  This spread gives you insight into what each month will bring and how you can best navigate it. Available only for 60 minute appointments (Makes a great birthday present or holiday gift) 


60 minute reading – Investment $80 – currently available via videochat

30 minute reading – Investment $45 – currently available via videochat

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“The tarot reading was extremely in-depth and every single thing Sheila said made so much sense, I already have experienced some of it coming to fruition! I gained so much insight as to what my next steps are in business, and also feel at ease knowing what was meant for me and what wasn’t. Ever since meeting with Sheila I feel lighter, less anxious, and much more clear. The thing I love most about her (aside from her sharing her gifts!) is that Sheila is down-to-earth, grounded, and will never claim to “heal” anyone. She totally gets it if you aren’t normally into the “woo” stuff and will make you feel so comfortable if you are curious about her offerings. Sheila is so articulate and helps put into words what you are feeling or experiencing so that you can move forward in a positive way. This session is worth every single penny and then some!”

– Laury R

Tarot Parties are available by request.  Email me for pricing and availability sheila@starsagespirit.com  Tarot Disclosure

“Booked Sheila for a Tarot party with some girlfriends. I’m a pretty logical person who doesn’t believe in much…but if I kept a diary, she read it. We unanimously decided to book again for next week. 100% recommend!”

– Rachael B

Distance Reiki

Usui and Kundalini Reiki are a great combo if you are managing transition alone, you have been working with a therapist for a while but still feel like you are holding on to anger, grief, or anxiety. Usui Reiki works to heal trauma, anxiety, and physical ailments from this lifetime, while Kundalini Reiki helps heal past-life trauma and destructive karmic patterns.  The combination helps you release destructive behavior, make peace with yourself, and heal old wounds that you are tired of carrying.

Feel like you can’t out your finger on what’s bothering you?  Struggling with bitterness, pettiness, or anxiety? A Reiki session will help sort that out for you.


Intro session 90 minutes – includes intake and history – Investment $125

1 hour Reiki  – Investment $80

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“I spent a session with Sheila for reiki healing and a spirit reading. It was powerfully relaxing and the connection to was undeniable. Sheila is peaceful, professional, and I’ll be seeing her again. I highly recommend her and her skills are amazing!”

Karen S.

House Clearing and Blessing

Energetic house clearing and blessings for a new house purchase as well as yearly house clearing for your home is incredibly important.  Think of it as spring cleaning for the energy in your house. It can help clear out the space after holidays, family gatherings, divorce, after a break in, or after your children have left for college.  It is also extremely valuable to you if you are an empath who takes on a lot of other’s emotions all day. What would it feel like to come home and be in a space that feels truly your own? How would it feel to be surrounded in your own energy in your peaceful home?  What would it feel like to be settled in your own space?   

Help your house feel like a home again especially during this time when you are spending so much time there! Book a videochat house clearing and blessing session and learn the step by step process to clear yours space.

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“My house has felt so much better. I’m so glad we did the house-clearing when we did. It was so important and I finally feel like I’m going to be able to get my home office settled. I have no words to describe this time and what is has been like being home so much but I know the house is clear and supportive so that’s been very helpful.”

– Katie S.


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