Do you only do career, business, and entrepreneurship readings?

While my focus is on business career and entrepreneurship, our careers and businesses intertwine with all other areas of our lives.  It’s hard to talk about just your career in isolation because your support at home, your relationships with your family, and your self-care all affect your ability to do your work well. So while I call these career readings, they are focused on career from a holistic perspective.  Our work doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  It interacts with every other area of our lives.

Do you do mediumship readings?

The short answer is no.  I do not currently do readings and I am not adding to my waitlist at this time.  I am still a medium, I am just not doing client readings at this time.

The long answer is that this year I have needed to take some time off during a very stressful year.  That work is very important to me and I’m sure I will return to it at some point, although I suspect it will not be in the sense of giving traditional readings.

Do you connect to spirits of departed loved ones tarot and energy work sessions?

No.  When I read tarot or do energy work, I am connected to you energy, not the energy of your loved ones in spirit.  Think of it like watching TV.  When I connect I’m turning on the TV but for me the loved ones in spirit channel is different than the tarot and reiki channel. 

How do I know if I need tarot or energy work?

If you’re struggling to figure it out, I do recommend reading the descriptions of each offering and seeing which feels most interesting, exciting or pertinent to your situation.  If you’re still struggling I usually describe them this way:  If you’re feeling like you really need direction and actionable steps forward, I would recommend tarot because the way I read is focused on getting you out of your head and into action.  On the other hand, if you feel like you know what to do and are struggling to actually put it into motion or are feeling like you’re stuck or somehow blocked from what you want, energy work can be very potent to remove any perceived blockages.

Why don’t you call what you do Reiki?

Although I’m formally trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, I am very aware of the way that Reiki has been commodified in the West and disconnected from its Japanese roots.  I have trained extensively and am always doing my part to not participate in white supremacy and erasure.  I also recognize that I have some other types of energy work that are specific to my own experience and allow me to see and work with a client’s past lifetimes.  For those reasons I call what I do energy work, although my work is heavily influenced by Reiki.