“Sheila is a wonderful mirror into your soul. Her calm, positive vibes and will make you feel as if you’re sitting with an insightful friend who will guide you to your truest life path.  As an intuitive, she has been nothing but accurate in her readings. As a teacher, she truly brings her passion for her craft to the table. As a person, she simply glows and you leave readings feeling renewed and revived. I wouldn’t have been able to serve my highest purpose without her input and her kind spirit. She’s simply the best and I recommend her to all friends and family who are open.” – Maureen R.

“I have been working with Sheila now for almost a year and am profoundly grateful for the universe bringing us together and the journey we have been on.  Whether you are looking for guidance on a situational event in your life, guidance on future endeavors – big or small, relationships or just an opportunity to connect with your personal spiritual journey – Sheila is your woman! 

Sheila has a unique ability to tap into opportunities and challenges that I didn’t know were present and continues to provide me with the tools to dig deeper and work on what needs to be done allowing me to be a better friend, better daughter, partner and a better human.
Sheila is extremely empathetic, compassionate, realistic and a great listener. I always feel very supported and in good hands each time we connect. She is the real deal. 

Working with Sheila is truly a life changing experience and one that I am grateful for every day and look forward to continuing working with her for years to come. ” – Cate M.

“I came to Sheila Masterson for a tarot card reading when I knew that I needed extra support and guidance in my personal and professional life. I did not know what to expect for our first session together. When I first arrived, Sheila was warm and welcoming. She showed me to her office and explained her process. After an initial explanation of the guidance I was looking for, she dove right in. Her insights and interpretations were supportive and honest.

After finding our initial encounter was so rewarding, I decided to book two more services with Sheila – a house clearing and mediumship session. The entire experience was incredible. I felt immensely supported throughout our time together, and I received so much more that I had initially expected. Sheila is relatable and funny, making the entire experience rewarding and illuminating. I am so glad that I have made the investment in Sheila’s services! ” – Katie S

“Sheila is the real-deal. I have worked with her several times, and she has helped me to gain clarity in so many areas of my life during our sessions. The New Year Release and Initiation bundle was a life-changing experience. Sheila spent so much time with me bringing so many of her offerings (reiki, a huge year-ahead tarot spread, past life regression) to one incredible session. 

Learning what past life has been holding me back currently was enlightening and made so much sense regarding my emotional struggles.I can’t quite put into words what I experienced during the regression but it was amazing, intense, and emotionally healing.

  The tarot portion was extremely in-depth and every single thing Sheila said made so much sense, I already have experienced some of it coming to fruition! I gained so much insight as to what my next steps are in business, and also feel at ease knowing what was meant for me and what wasn’t. Ever since meeting with Sheila I feel lighter, less anxious, and much more clear. The thing I love most about her (aside from her sharing her gifts!) is that Sheila is down-to-earth, grounded, and will never claim to “heal” anyone. She totally gets it if you aren’t normally into the “woo” stuff and will make you feel so comfortable if you are curious about her offerings. Sheila is so articulate and helps put into words what you are feeling or experiencing so that you can move forward in a positive way. This session is worth every single penny and then some!” – Laury R.

“I spent a session with Sheila for reiki healing and a spirit reading. It was powerfully relaxing and the connection to my beloved Dad was undeniable. Sheila is peaceful, professional, and I’ll be seeing her again. I highly recommend her and her skills are amazing!” – Karen S.

“Sheila is an amazing reader. She was right on with the various situations in my life especially my relationships. From the moment I walked in I felt light and love. I have already started telling friends about her. She truly is a gifted woman. ” – Ann Marie K.

“Before working with Sheila, I had very little understanding about Tarot and trusting my intuition. Not only did she explain how the cards relate to intuition, but she encouraged me to get curious about identifying intuition in my own body. Through our work, I was able to locate where my “gut feeling” originates and how to learn to trust that sensation when it comes up. I love working with Sheila because she brings humor and exploration to her work.” – Emily G.

“She brings celestial tarot and intuition down to a relational earthly level through embodiment and practical exercises. Her work helped me to understand how to use tarot in everyday life through listening to my own intuition and through my own readings.” – Jessica F.

“Sheila has helped me tremendously with my own personal tarot reading journey. I have always been interested, but very scared to attempt it on my own due to lack of experience and knowledge. Sheila eliminates all of your personal fear and gives you the tools to build confidence with reading for yourself and others. 

She took the time to sit down and go through a large majority of the cards and relate them to how I think and operate-allowing me to start to make my own connections and relationships with the cards. Whenever I feel compelled to pull cards for myself I now have the confidence to do so, and really understand what they are saying for that particular moment in time. 

I can’t wait to buy anything she offers to continue my tarot education and personal growth! ” – Emily K.