Medium School

On episode 18 of Living Tarot, I have a conversation with one of my closest friends from “medium school”, Stephanie.  I had such a strong response when I posted on my Instagram asking if people were interested in stories from medium school so we wanted to share a little bit. This is a very conversational episode because we wanted to keep it casual.

  • We discuss some of the common misconceptions about communicating with spirit and how shows like Long Island Medium have really affected people’s expectations and understanding of mediumship
  • We talk about what it was like growing into our gifts.
  • We also discuss how being a medium actually looks and feels in daily life.
  • We talk about managing fear and anxiety and class and what it was like to walk into a room full of mediums for the first time.
  • Finally we tell some stories from the trenches of school.

This episode is a great reminder that humor is a great antidote to grief and an excellent companion to learning. It’s important not to take yourself too seriously

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Sheila M  0:05  

Welcome to Living Tarot. I’m your host Sheila Masterson. I’m a tarot reader and teacher, and energy healer and medium, and creator of practical Tarot for everyday intuitives. Each week on this podcast, I’ll share my own experience of embracing and growing intuition and interview guests about how they heard the call of intuition, embraced the adventure and embodied the Tarot along the way. Join us and learn how you can stop second guessing, empower yourself through intuition, and live intentionally with the Tarot. 

Welcome back to Living Tarot. I am so excited to be offering this bonus episode today all about mediumship school, featuring my friend Stephanie. Stephanie has chosen to keep her last name private On this episode, but is very excited to chat with me about our experience. The reason that she’s chosen to keep that private is just to keep things simple. And because she’s still in a corporate job wants to just protect her identity a little bit. So Stephanie is a PhD student and recruiter extraordinary by day, and a lover of all things spirit by night. Her mediumship gifts and sensing spirits have been around since she was a child. She rarely reads people unless in a class setting, or if they ask but never makes any guarantees. And she aspires to continue to develop these gifts and help people bridge between this life. And the next one. Stephanie is one of my best medium friends. I say that we don’t all know each other. I always like to say that, but I do have a couple friends who are mediums. And Stephanie is one of the first medium friends that I had. We met at medium school and I had such a strong response when I posted on my Instagram about talking about mediumship school. And later when I discussed it a little bit shortly on the podcast, I had a lot of questions come in how does it work? What did you do there? What was it like? And so I really wanted to do an episode that was very conversational. Where we both got to describe our experiences coming in both of us coming from very corporate, somewhat non believer type of backgrounds. And we really bonded over our experience because we both had similar styles of reading people and also had similar doubts about our abilities, and have really worked through a lot of them through class and through talking to each other, and having a lot of great conversations over the years. And this episode was so much fun to record. I had such a great time. I think we covered a lot of topics that you’ll find interesting.

We’ll talk a little bit about how I read for her. She read for me what it was like going into class for the first time, and what kind of skills we developed over time. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

All right, welcome, Steph. So today, I have my friend Stephanie from medium school, as we call it. Steph, can you give kind of an introduction to yourself? in your own words?

Stephanie  3:52  

Sure, absolutely. So hi, Sheila, thanks for having me, this is pretty cool to be able to do this. So as Sheila mentioned, we met at what we call medium school, which essentially is where people that are like us who have the ability to communicate with spirits are able to work together and learn different ways of communicating and also becoming a little bit more in tune with our skills. So my experience as a medium is not long, although I’ve had this experience or I’m sorry, I’ve had the skill my entire life. It’s something I think that I personally believe you’re born with it, but you have to develop it. And sometimes it’s stronger and other people than others. So for me, I think I’ve always had it but I was able to block it. Because for whatever reason, I don’t know why I blocked it. But then as I got older, probably in the past, I would say four to three to four years. It really came out very strongly. And now I’ve been developing At and have the ability now to, you know, read people’s spirits connect with the beyond I guess is the best way to explain it. So,

Sheila M  5:12  

yeah, so um, Steph and I met in class. And I was very relieved when I saw her for the first time because I was expecting to go in and have it be a bunch of very, like woo woo ladies and long flowing skirts and lots of bangles. And, you know, very eccentric personalities. And here she was this very, like corporate business like, woman, very, like high powered career person. And I was like,m Oh, it’s another like, quote unquote, normal person.

Stephanie  5:53  

Yes. Yes, I would. I would agree with that. Exactly. I think I have that exact vision that we were going to be like walking out in the backyard with our with no shoes on. And like hugging the trees. That’s what I was expecting. So it was a, it was very nice to see it as well, because I thought, well, thank god, she’s like a normal human being like myself.

Sheila M  6:12  

Yeah, I think that’s really why we why we gravitated towards each other in that class. And we were, if I remember, right, I don’t think we were in the first level together. I think it was level two, where we, because I changed which day of the week I was coming. And that’s when we met. Um, and when I talk about you, I’m like, Oh, my God, Steph is like one of the first people in my life who like really knew what was going on. Because when I went to class, it was the first people I could really talk to you about everything. Who got it, like everybody else could conceptualize it. And they’re like, yeah, okay, like, that makes sense, I guess. But when I would talk to you guys, you would be like, Oh, my God, totally. I totally know what you mean. And you just totally saw it from from start to finish.

Stephanie  7:03  

And it was really helpful for me to be has, I think that there were a couple people in my life that knew I had this, but a lot of my family didn’t know. And if I told people, they looked at me, like I was a crazy person. And then they would be like, do you see dead people now? And I’m like, No, I don’t see dead people now. Like, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. So, you know, it’s not like I’m I’m on all the time. So being able to go to class and the EU was so amazing, because we had some more experiences, and then understood what each other was feeling and understood what we were going through that we really can’t explain to people who don’t have this ability. And it’s not because of a lack of maybe wanting to understand, but because you don’t have that experience. You can’t really explain it if to another person that haven’t had that experience.

Sheila M  7:53  

Yeah, yeah. And I. So I definitely had that experience. What was what was your first impression The first time you went into medium school?

Let’s just say that’s not what our teacher calls it. That’s

Stephanie  8:08  

No, it’s not. Right. It’s our it’s our little our little code for what we call it because it’s straight up what it is, right? Yeah. So I was honestly terrified. I did not know what I was going to get the first time I went, I thought, I’m driving over there thinking, Oh, my goodness, what am I doing? What What am I opening myself up to? And then I also thought, Well, what if I don’t get anything? What if I go here? And I’m the one who’s crazy, and I’m just hearing voices in my head or something? I don’t know. So I went over and I was really, really nervous about it. And of course, you know, our instructor, she’s so warm and kind and makes you feel so welcome. And her atmosphere, I think has that really positive vibe about it? And really, she took you from the very beginning. And you know, within about five minutes, I was thinking, Oh, this is not so bad. This is I like this and I would feel a lot more and I definitely felt more spiritually connected at her house than I have in other places. And I’m sure it’s because we’re focusing on it. And also because I’m around other people who were like minded so I think my first class is maybe like three or four other people I don’t know what that was, was or

Sheila M  9:29  

I think there were a couple more people in my because I feel like when I first went in I first of all was surprised how many people were there I think I had like more like eight or nine and I was like shocked that there were so many people

Stephanie  9:42  

yes, I think our second level class had a good amount of people like six or seven i think that that then I think we went further it went it got lower and lower

Sheila M  9:50  

and lower smaller. Yeah, yes. Yeah, I think and I had a lot of like the same fear. I think going in I was so freaked out and felt very out of control at that point that I was kind of willing to try anything. So like, I was going way out of my comfort zone because I was going by myself. I didn’t know anybody, like a friend of a friend had referred me. So I didn’t even know anyone who was like actively going at the time.

Stephanie  10:18  

Well, I found that I found her online. Like I literally googled medium schools Norristown area. And that’s how I found even I was even referred, I was just like, going to go to my friend Google and see what they told me. Oh, my God, I know. When I don’t

Sheila M  10:39  

know. I just found it on Google. No, it was a friend of a friend was like, Oh, you need to go see Connie, our teacher. And I was like, okay, and I, you know, I was like, I don’t really know what to think and, you know, walked into the house. And, you know, first of all, I was like, just, like, let myself in. Like, I was like, I was very, like, strict manners. Like, you wouldn’t just be letting yourself into somebody’s house. So I was like, a shift or, you know, but like, the signs outside and everything. And I was like, All right. So, um, I went in, and like I said, about, probably about half of the room was exactly what I expected. And the other half was, like, corporate people, like corporate people, and then one guy who write little old grandpa. And this is not what I like, immediately, I was like, This is not what I expected this to be at all. Right. And I agree, I, I felt very welcomed right away. I was worried. I think I like, I was like, Oh my gosh, they’re gonna like ask me to read and then they’re gonna be like, you’re not a real media.

Stephanie  11:44  

I had the same fear. I had the same exact fear. Because I was like, I will. Because again, Yes, exactly. That’s exactly how I felt. Because, you know, we’ve had this conversation before, where you, you feel you get what you feel, but then you think, am I right? Is this actually what’s happening? And then, when the person says, Oh, you’re right, you’re like, Oh, okay. All right. I got this. All right. But then it’s just that’s still, because I think the way we’re brought up and we’re trained, is that this is not the norm. Yeah. So you grow up thinking that only, you know, which is and really, except very eccentric people do this and can do this. And, you know, the realization is, is that there’s a lot more of us that are a little arm, quote, unquote, mainstream, I guess. Yeah. Then what? I think what you realize,

Sheila M  12:43  

yeah, and I think that’s what blew my mind as, as time went on. I mean, our last class there that we took together, I think there were only four of us in it. And all four of us were like, corporate people, like scientist, PhD student, yes. Like these, like very, like, yes, highly intellectual people, which isn’t to say that, like intuition is just for witchy people, it just was like, not at all what my impression was going in.

Stephanie  13:12  

I think you’re taught you’re taught. So like, you know, I’m, I’m a PhD student. So I’m very, I think through every single thing that I do every thing that I have that happens that goes through my mind, I think about it, and I analyze it. And I want it to make sense. And when you know, yellow and blue, don’t make green. You’re like, Huh, what’s going on here? So and it’s, you have to trust yourself and believe in yourself. And that’s really hard to do sometimes. Yeah. And it’s an unknown thing.

Sheila M  13:46  

Yeah, well, I feel like a lot of what we did in class was about building that trust in yourself. And also, like you said, this like unlearning, like unlearning, yeah, all of that stuff that’s like, I need outside validation in order for this, because that was actually really kind of discouraged. It was all like, yes, no answers, you know, just let the person know that they’re on the right track. And then like, you would finish the reading, and the person would be like, Oh, my God, I mean, what they tell you all this stuff, and you were like, Yes, I feel totally nuts. And I should have said this other thing, like, you know, and but it takes so much faith, I think, especially when you’re brand new, and you’re reading for someone else. It takes a lot of space.

Stephanie  14:29  

It does. And I think what’s even harder for me, and I might be jumping ahead a little bit. When I’m when I’m reading people that are not like us, right. So what I read other people, I really questioned myself, because a lot of times they’re skeptical anyway. Yeah. So the nice thing about reading somebody who is a medium or has the abilities or has the belief is that you trust that they’re not going to be like, well, why’d you say that? Why’d you do that? Well, of course, you know that my grandmother had brown hair, because you saw a picture of her from, you know, 1955. Well, you know, so it’s, I think it’s sometimes challenging when you read people that are not believers, because they, and again, like, to me, I always say, I don’t do this for any kind of glory or recognition. It’s, I feel that there’s a message that has to be brought to me, for that person. And I’m kind of that that conduit, I guess, yeah. Or mastering? Yeah, yes. I’m just kind of the translator, I guess, you know, instead of, you know, if I was in Spain, and I had to have a translator to speak to somebody who lives there, kind of same thing. Yeah. I’m like the translator from the spirit world to the earthly world.

Yeah. And like you said, I think that’s kind of a misconception sometimes that people have is this idea that like, it’s not like I was in there being like, yeah, Stephanie, you’re like, totally right. But like, because I have had that experience myself. When you would say something, I could start, like, my my brain is more relaxed too. And I’m not waiting to hear that one thing that’s going to convince me that it’s my grandma, because, like, I’ve seen you do things that I was like, holy shit. I can’t believe she’s doing this right now. And other things that are, you know, because we all have days, like every other job, where it’s just kind of like, Yeah, that makes sense. But it’s not like 100 like, it’s not 100% there, you know, and I think that, um,  I think that you do get like a different kind of environment when you’re in there. And we got so many different tools to use. And I think one of the reasons that we get along very well is because we have a similar reading style. And so we we have some of the same gifts. And so we had the same difficulty, like suspending reality, because neither of us particularly like sees like clairvoyant sees a little bit more now than when I began, for sure. But like, I know that neither of us had the experience of being like, oh, there’s just a spirit there that I physically see with my eyes, you know?

 and that’s, I think that’s one thing, I think is a big misconception is that people think that so if I’m reading you, they think that like, oh, grandma stand behind you, Grandma might be standing there, but I’m actually not seeing her specifically I am sensing her. I says, as you I believe, do I see them? In my mind? Yeah, almost like a dream sequence? Or? No, I don’t say imagination was that makes, it gives you the impression that I’m making it up. It’s not that it’s more of almost like a dream sequence or kind of when you’re a kid may say, close your eyes and pretend you’re at your favorite place. And yeah, it moves in your head. That’s kind of where I get it. So I put the person I mean, I see the person, but I don’t see them standing behind you. I see them in my brain. Yeah. And I also hear, I hear and it always comes from my left side. And that’s very, very strong when it’s coming in from my left side. And I feel that for sure. But it’s hearing it’s again, I think I have seen spirits twice, maybe three times. Yeah. And I have had dreams with people who have passed, and then that were very, very vivid. But again, maybe three or four times not a lot enough that I’ve remembered, you know enough that I’ve remember that and they were definitely the experience. I know that it was the person that came through to me, but to see somebody it’s not what I it’s just not the way it works for me. Yeah, but I know some people do see spirits, and we’ll see, you know, a whole person. So

Sheila M  18:59  

yeah, and we we definitely had a mix of people in class too, because some people could see and most people cannot, which I think is also one of the big misconceptions out there. I think everyone thinks that that means that you’re like literally seeing like a spirit or a ghost like standing right. I will say for me very few and far between and like you said, I will see it sometimes kind of like in my mind’s eye. Which is a lot of times if you’ve ever had a reading with me, I’ve probably had my eyes closed the whole time. Because I also am listening really hard to because I have a lot of clairaudience also,

Stephanie  19:36  

well read the same way because I close my eyes when I read it. I now do it. Yeah. And I also find when I read if I’m touching the person that I’m reading, I get such a much better reading than if I’m just across the room from them or, but that that touching of the person just adds an additional level of connection for me that. I don’t know if you have that or not, but it definitely is something for me that I’ve experienced what I have read people, if I’m touching them, I definitely feel it a lot more strongly than if I’m not.

Sheila M  20:10  

Yeah, I had I always have that impulse. Um, but I think we were, if I’m remembering, right, I think we were discouraged, I suppose.

Stephanie  20:19  

Yes, we were discouraged. from touching people. Yes. Yes. It was like a no touching thing. Like when you’re in kindergarten, don’t touch people. Yes. Yeah, no, I definitely remember.

Sheila M  20:29  

But yeah, I agree. Um, because that’s been my experience with with a couple times that that’s happened. So okay, so along with that, I know you kind of alluded to this, but you always have this gift, I guess we’ll call it. I’m just gonna call it a gift for like, I’m not saying yes or gifted. I’m just saying, you guys have the abilities

Stephanie  20:51  

to gift. Yes, I believe that I definitely have, but I never understood it. So when I was a little girl, I remember being afraid to go to certain places like we bought my parents side. Well, let’s start my family. When we moved into the house that my mom has now. I was a little girl. I was like six years old. And I was terrified to go upstairs by myself. Terrified, no idea why. Now mind you, my sister was three years old, she’d go anywhere in the house, never bothered her. But I would observe myself, I was absolutely petrified to go check on myself. And I’d not like to sleep by myself either. And my sister, I had her own bedrooms. And we probably shared a room until I was like seven or eight. Like do one of us would I would go to her and she will come into my room. And I don’t know what what it was right. I had no idea why I felt this way. I look back. And I think that there were, you know, there was something around me. That probably freightened mel, I don’t think it was a negative spirit. I don’t think there was any negative, I think it was an unknown. And being little I think that I didn’t understand. And I was afraid of it. And then at some point, I believe I blocked it. But looking back, I do believe that there were instances of life where I’ve had premonitions and intuition, things like that, that have happened that are not, you know, the norm that I think have to go along with with having this ability. So for example, the night that my father passed away, I had this very, very, very, very strong desire to call him. And I thought something terrible was going to happen. And, and I remember sitting there it was 10 o’clock at night. And it was a Thursday night and I thought, oh, he’ll be home tomorrow. You’re being ridiculous. Stephanie. What is wrong with you? Dad’s fine. He’s away for work. It’s not a big deal. Stop being ridiculous. And then 2 o’clock in the morning, my sister walks into my bedroom to come by that my father was dead. And I was like, oh, my goodness, I wish I had called ups. Of course, I have this regret that I had. Oh, yeah. Again, nothing that I could have done. I mean, there was nothing that I was going to do about it. You know, he had a massive heart attack. There was nothing I was going to do about it. Well, but I get that regret, right?

Sheila M  23:16  

Yeah, sure. Because I think this is another thing that happens, like everybody’s like, Oh, well, why wouldn’t you have just like called him like, what are you gonna do just like calm and be like, Oh, I feel like something weird is gonna, like, you know, exactly, you can’t like, I have a bad feeling. You know, and especially once people know that you have this gift, you can’t be like, Oh, I have a bad feeling about that. Then everybody’s like, well, what’s gonna happen?

Stephanie  23:39  

Oh, I’ll stay away from it. Well, funny story about that. So like fast forwarding on to life. Now. My, my older son knows that I that I do this. And I had said one time, I forget where we were. But I said I had to leave at a really bad headache. Because there was something that was not there was a spirit in the area that was not agreeing with me or something was not copacetic in my mind that I had to walk away. So he was broken hand moves in an apartment. And I went over there for dinner. And we had dinner and and they said, I do want to stay and I said you know what? I’m not feeling great. I really that headache. I’m gonna go home. He calls me 20 minutes later he goes, Mom, should I move out? Because you had a headache, should move. I said, No, I literally just have a headache. There’s nothing wrong. Are you shorts or anything bad in the apartment? I said no. As a good spirit. It’s a good vibe. There’s nothing there was I mean, the building? I felt nothing was there. Right. So yeah, it was just really funny because I you know, again, didn’t think that by me saying in one instance, I have a headache. I have to leave because of it. You know, because of those things going on. That I go to his apartment just again. had a long day at work. I was hired at a headache And he just went all of a sudden, mom. Oh, maybe should I move? So it was kind of funny. 

Sheila M  25:09  

That’s really funny. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so you had the incident when your dad died. And other than that, have you had other things that that kind of tipped you off for?

Stephanie  25:22  

Yeah, so it was interesting. So that was definitely a big thing. And then I after my father had passed away him, we were very, very close. So I always felt his spirit around, especially soon after he passed away. I always felt the spirit. But you know, I just part of it was just me. I think part was me not was a not knowing about this, really. And that B was part of me thought maybe I really wanted to feel him there because it made me feel better, that he really wasn’t that far away. But you know, I could go on for days about like the fact the night that he passed away. My husband and I walked into our children’s bedroom. I was pregnant, my son, Nicholas, but I had my other two were little and they were in their rooms in their bedroom, and walked in. And my father was a very heavy smoker. And the room smelled like cigarettes. And my father had my my father had not been in my house for two weeks. So there was not any way shape or form that that could have been in that room. Plus, he never smoked inside my house. Nor would he have smoked my children him if he did, he would have never done it my children’s bedroom. Yeah. So you know, there was something like that where and even my husband felt that he said, the Steph your dad was here. And I said, I know. That was almost like, the way I felt was that he had to come see my child, my other two children. Before he, yeah, before he before he went before he went to heaven. I think that when he was crossing, I think he and my youngest son, cross like them, I think they cross paths when he my father crossed, I think, hey, am I and my infant unborn son had crossed paths because my youngest son is a lot of his tendencies. So 

Sheila M  27:16  

Oh, my God, I got goosebumps. I never knew that before. 

Stephanie  27:19  

I never told you that. Yeah, no. Yeah. So it was it was kind of cool. So again, so I’ve had so having that experience and being there and then again, when my children were little, you know, yeah, there would just be I just knew that my dad was around. Yeah. So but again, it was really a case of as I was tuning into, yeah, as I got older, I was actually dating somebody who has very, very strong medium skills. I mean, he can, he can, Spirit can walk from place to place, he can read people very well. And he actually sees he can see spirits sometimes, too. And he was the one who said something to me, and and he called me he says something, just something about who he is. And he says, Oh, you have abilities? And I was like, Yeah, yeah, whatever. Like, you’re crazy, whatever. And don’t think much about it. And then as I’m with him more, I’m starting to feel things. And you know, we were away one time and Williamsburg. And that’s a very, you know, historic place and also definitely haunted. A lot of things happen there. And there were some places where I could sense stuff going on, but I still didn’t quite understand what I was feeling. And then we were going into the governor’s mansion, and under the mansion, there’s like a is like a barn or something or horsetail. I forget what it was. But I started to walk there. And he grabbed me and said, Don’t you dare walk down there? And I was like, Okay. And he goes, it’s bad down there. Don’t go down there. And I said, Okay, so we went off. So that was my experience there. And then I had what kind of brought me to developing and learning more about this was his mother has very, very strong abilities as well. And I met her and her spirit and my spirit were very big spirits and very strong spirits. And the whole room was like, I thought it was going to explode. I was having this pain in my head. And it’s kind of what I explained when i when i read when I read I’m sorry,

Sheila M  29:34  

my ears ringing now – we joke about this, like you put two mediums in a room and then all of a sudden,

Stephanie  29:40  

Yes, I know. But you know, I know we’re in we’re on zoom. And it’s all the same thing, right? Yeah. So when I when I read people as I would have earlier I get this on my left side of my head. I feel like this really strong pressure like my head’s going to explode. Well, when I was in her apartment, I felt like the entire roll around was gonna explode. And she was acting really strange. And, you know, apparently what she can read in the past lives. And she’s really, really good at that. And, you know, john and her work communicating. And basically she said, Stephanie has was like a shaman or like, my background, I’m a Native American in my background. And she was getting all these images of like, medicine man, medicine woman, like an old college, almost an old soul, like a spiritual, Native American type. And it was just a very strong spirit. And her spirit was very strong, and Mysore is very strong, and in the room together, not expecting it, it was crazy when I laughed. I was like, What in the world just happened because I still didn’t understand what’s going on. Yeah, I just felt like, I honestly felt like my head was getting squeezed. And there was just so much going on around me. And from that point, that was where I said, I have to figure this out, I need to understand this. Because if I have this ability, I should first of all, try to understand it more and develop it more, because it really is a gift. And secondly, I need to be prepared, if I’m going into a situation where I might come in contact with another medium or another person who has different spiritual abilities, or I’m going to a very haunted place, knowing how to manage that. And understanding that, hey, maybe I can’t go into that room, because of x, y, and z, which has also happened to me as well. And now that I’m more aware of it, I understand it, and I almost prepare myself, if I go somewhere that’s haunted, or I’m going somewhere, that’s maybe an older house, I just put it in my mind like, okay, you need to be strong, you have to protect yourself. You have to be aware of its surroundings, and just kind of going with that attitude, which I think is helpful to me. Because even though there are places I will not walk into, yeah, at least I understand why rather than being like, I can’t go in there. And then people are like, well, what’s wrong with you? Yeah, and be like, well, something happened, but I’m not going in that room. You know? Yeah, yeah,

Sheila M  32:22  

exactly. Exactly. Ah, yeah, that’s so cool. I mean, it’s, it’s so different from my experience, but I can totally relate to, like, knowing that there’s something else going on that I’m not picking up on. Um, and I know, we’ve talked about that a lot. How, okay, so I do want to get into like some more specifics about school. But just because I always think this is like an interesting topic. But how did your How did your family react to it? I know, like, you and I talked a lot when all of this was going on, because I was very hesitant to tell people in my life about it. And you were very hesitant to tell people in your life about it. Yeah. And so what was that experience like?

Stephanie  33:07  

So it’s a mixed bag. So I have, not everybody knows, like, not everyone knows I can do this, I tend to tell people that I’m close with that I spend a lot of time with that. I have this ability, just because I say listen, something may happen, something may not happen, I don’t know. But I just wanna make you aware of it. So like I said, my older son, totally understand that. I understand that as best as he can. And he gets it. My daughter thinks I’m crazy. She’s like, whatever, Mom, you’re not, I don’t want to hear about it. I think my younger son is on the fence. His girlfriend is very spiritual. So she and I definitely kind of vibe on that in that sounds. So he kind of I think just as accepting of it, although I don’t think you can fully understand that. Yeah. You know, and I tell people, my family, I don’t talk about it a lot, because they don’t ask me and that’s a time Yeah. If I say something like, I’ll say something, and then I’ll get the Oh, there you go. You’re stopping all weird, or, oh, here’s, I’m just like, I’m not being weird. I’m just telling you how I’m feeling about situation. I don’t have to tell you. So I think it’s just a it’s just a it’s just a mixed experience. And I think the people who an audit a lot of people, but most people that I tell about, even if they’re not believers, they’re like, yeah, that’s kind of cool. And leave it at that. And I’ve had people say like, well, if somebody comes to you for me, let me know. And I’m like, Alright, no problem. So you know, and some people think they’ll get something and some people think they won’t, and then people who I’ve gotten things for that I never expected to and yeah, so it’s you know, definitely an interesting experience because it’s really what it’s not what I want. It’s what steer at once. It’s what’s Spirit wants to tell me.

Sheila M  35:02  

Yeah, and it’s not it doesn’t always make sense to us anyway. Like, it’s not for us to figure out, which is one of the hardest things to let go of for sure. 

Stephanie  35:12  

Yes, it is very hard because being a rational, and, you know, scientifically minded person at times, you know, I certainly appreciate the arts and history, but everything, everything to me has to make sense of it. Yeah, background, my first training is accounting. So debits have to equal credits. And, you know, it has to come up with a number or something has to be solved. And you can’t solve for this. This doesn’t have a rhyme or reason sometimes. And sometimes, you know, I think the one thing also that I interesting is that people you know, when you read somebody, they’ll say, I want my grandma to come through, I want my grandpa to come through I want my brother to come through. I can’t you know, as you know, we can’t promise that I don’t understand it come through. I can’t just I just can’t summon somebody to come. magically. I’m not magic. I can’t say Oh, Grandma, come on over and come talk to me. And I had some misconception about that is that we can because I think the show is like the john edwards and the low medium, which you see is so edited right down that they’re getting this but again, I’m sure that a lot of them either not walking through her neighborhood going Oh, look, there’s you know, someone says dead uncle and there’s someone says dead grandma. I mean, I couldn’t even imagine my my brain would explode. Exactly. You saw that. I’m sure theirs would too

Sheila M  36:29  

what People don’t realize is that like, first of all, there’s a certain amount of because one of the things we learned about and that I’m I’m very happy we were taught was about like ethics and not being in somebody else’s energy and somebody else’s business, you know what I mean? But I see that they think that that’s really just happening. And I’m like, No, some producer has gone in there first and said, Hey, would you be willing and you know, gotten permission from a couple people and then she sees who she’s gonna connect to like, right? It’s not like she’s just walking around day and night. Like, that’s crazy.

Stephanie  37:06  

Yeah, exhausting. stressful. I couldn’t even imagine I would. I couldn’t even imagine. Yeah, no, thank you. So um,

Sheila M  37:16  

what what are some of your your favorite things either that we did or some of your favorite memories or some of your moments from from medium school that you were like, holy shit, like that was crazy. 

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Stephanie  39:07  

so the one that was really cool was when we went and connected with our different spirit lab with our different spirit guides. Mm hmm and we were kind of going down into that that deeper trance and it was what I remember for me I’ll how this was for you. Yeah, but when it was okay, we’re gonna get your your your joy guide or your your camera hold on Oh, now your intellect guy like black door and then it would say Okay, now we’re gonna go to your like angels and I remember almost being like a step process and I remember as I went further into a more spiritual is the right word to use, but I’ll use that for lack of a better term to a more spiritual being or person. I remember feeling like I was almost not out of my body, but I wasn’t in my body. I felt like I was in this almost trance like state in a different place. Even though I was sitting, I was sitting on the floor. Yeah. Because I remember whenever we did this, I always want I want this on the floor, or whatever we did that exercise. I always wanted to sit on the floor, which I know some people sat on the chairs or wherever, but I always was on the floor. And we did that. And I guess I must have felt more grounded when we did that probably was able to connect better. So and I remember that. My two spirits that are like that, like at the angel level, I forgot about the loss of mother that the loss of mother came through. Mm hmm. And Padre Pio. Mm hmm. And my angel was Michael. And I just remember that being such a very amazing spiritual experience. Yeah. It was just I felt this overwhelming. Calm as I’m actually as we’re talking about this, I’m feeling that calmness. Yeah, I felt and it was, in some ways, justifying how I was feeling. But I could, I felt and felt loved and embraced by their, by the love that yeah, that they are because they are all loving beings. Right? So I remember feeling that very intense. Love. And I also had, I remember that I had Buddha was one of mine also, which I thought was so fascinating for me, because instead of just being all Christian, you know, it really goes back to the fact that we really all that everyone was spirit is all it’s just a good spirit. Right? It doesn’t matter whether you’re Christian or Buddhist, or Muslim, or Jewish, or whatever your or whatever you your religious beliefs are, that it was just this all good and kind of beautiful spirits that were around and a lot of peace. I remember even after we came out of that, at class, I just felt like that whole the whole room was just at this higher level of peacefulness, or understanding or higher level spirituality. I don’t remember exactly, but it just was this really amazing. For me, it was anyway, this really amazing feeling. And I don’t even know how else to explain it. But it was just this, just this really almost like blissfulness in a way.

Sheila M  42:56  


Stephanie  43:00  

That was one that really stood out to me. And the other one that also really stood out. That was really interesting. was the one time that I read you. And we had to use a do a picture.

Sheila M  43:12  

Oh my god, I was gonna bring this one up. Because this, this was right after we first met. It was one of the first class we did together. Yes. Yeah. Really asked to each other. Yeah, yeah.

Stephanie  43:24  

No, I hardly knew who you are.

Sheila M  43:26  

I think it was the first time you were reading me, I think.

Stephanie  43:29  

I think it might have been the first time I read you because I usually I just the way it worked out. And that was the early early class. But I remember I was reading you. And we had to bring a picture and you had a picture on your phone. And I’m thinking as I am going to screw this up, and I’m going to be so wrong. And I described Why don’t you tell them? What Why don’t you say? Oh my god. Yeah.

Sheila M  43:54  

So I saw I forgot to bring a physical picture. And, and our teacher was like, it’s fine. Just bring one up on your phone. And then you know, black the screen out. So there was it wasn’t like Stephanie could have seen through the envelope or anything like that, like the screen was locked. She didn’t know my passcode and she starts describing this picture of my grandmother that I had on the phone. And I mean, to her hair, her face, her eyes, and the sweater she was wearing and even like what she was doing in the picture. So much so that I was like, like really trying to stay like neutral when somebody is reading us, but I was having a really hard time not like freaking out because I was like holy shit and, and I was like almost laughing. And then you were like telling me I can’t remember exactly what the message was because I think I was like so stunned at that point. Because I’m still like, is this really happening all the time? And I say all the time if it wasn’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe it. I mean, like, it is it is hard to believe sometimes. Um,

Stephanie  44:59  

yeah, we should Coming up blowing out a birthday cake birthday cake. Yeah, one birthday cake. Yeah, yes, I remember distinctly because I remember sitting there going, Okay, here’s what I’m getting. And let’s roll with this. And let’s see what happens. And then would you open that? Would you show me the picture? It was exactly what I saw in my head. Yeah, exactly what’s on my head?

Sheila M  45:19  

It was. It was crazy. And, and even down to what you had said, okay, because now I’m remembering a little bit of it. You said something like, you were talking about how she didn’t like to have her picture taken, which I was like, Oh, my God, it’s so true. there’s so few pictures of her. I had the hardest time finding one. And in the photo, I think she, if I’m remembering it, right, you said something about the fact that like she was sick in the photo, which you wouldn’t have known from looking at it. And I don’t even know if I don’t even know if like the family knew yet in the photo, but you said something about that, that I was like, holy shit. And then I had to like, check what year it was because I was like, I don’t remember what year this was taken. And it must have been like, right after she had been diagnosed with cancer. Because you got something from her. And then it was also like, something that she was thinking about my mom who was also like, off to the side in the photo. Mm hmm. Yes. And I was like, holy shit, it was so it was so crazy. And I was like I was and it’s not that I like didn’t believe it. It just is like, so spot on that I was like, startled. I was like, completely shook

Stephanie  46:37  

like, yeah, I Well, I was shocked too because I had never, that was the first time I ever read.

Sheila M  46:43  

I showed you the picture. Your face was like, priceless, because every single thing we did in class, you and I would look at each other and be like, this isn’t gonna work. Right? Exactly.

Stephanie  46:54  

Yeah, we’re like that, whatever.

Sheila M  46:55  

We’d be like, okay, Connie.

Stephanie  46:56  

Sure. We’ll do that. And if you want us to, surely we’ll do it. And then all of a sudden, boom, here we go. that exact picture. And I mean, I can I remember that picture today. I remember exactly what that picture looks like. And it just is so funny. Because I had honestly, I’d never done that before my life I had never Yeah, read like that. So that was such an interesting, and that was, for me, that was a really, it was such a good experience. Because I thought, okay, you can do this. Like, I like I couldn’t have guessed it was like we were friends of yours. And I was friends on Facebook. I saw your pictures. I mean, I knew nothing about you, except your name, basically. And that we went to class together. You know, I didn’t know a lot about you.

Sheila M  47:46  

Yeah, I didn’t even know. At that point. Yeah,

Stephanie  47:49  

I didn’t know yours either. So I knew very little bit about you. And to be able to, to be able to pick that up. was just so remarkable. And it really, it was exciting for me, because I thought okay, like, do you really can actually do this. This is just like your brain saying, I think I’m a museum. I think I can do this. Like it was like, Hey, you really can do this? Yeah, yeah, it was a really good, it was a really good. It was a really, really good experience for me from that perspective. Yeah. So and of course, your Of course, your your, your reaction was fantastic. Because Because when you open it, you’re like, look at that sounds like oh, my God,

Sheila M  48:34  

I was I was totally freaked me out. I was like, when she sees the photo, she’s gonna freak. Like, it’s like the exact photo. Yeah, that was that was wild. Um, one of the other ones that really stands out to me was, um, and we both again, had the same reaction, where neither of us really has that real visual, like or clairvoyance kind of thing. And so when we came in for one of like, the higher level courses, Connie was like, oh, we’re gonna read auras today. And you and I, like looked at each other. And we were like, oh, here’s Connie, again, making us do weird stuff we can’t do. We were like, that’s not gonna work. And she was like, No, we’re just gonna do it. You know, she was just very, like, casual about it. And, and we sat down and I was reading for one of our classmates. And I think I went first and I was like, I’m just gonna get this over with because it’s not gonna work, you know? Right. And she put our classmate in front of like, this little like whiteboard, basically, just so it’s like a neutral background. And, um, and then Connie sat next to me, and she was like, you know, just relax, you know, do do everything that you’ve, you’ve learned, you know, and just see what happens. And at first I was like, nothing happened. Nothing’s gonna happen. Like I was just like, I was telling myself all kinds of stories and then I started to see some Some stuff and I was like, That’s weird. And again, I don’t really, I would say don’t like, it’s still very hard for me to describe because I’m, I am aware of it. But I think I’m always physically seeing it. It’s very hard to describe. Yes, I trust me, I got you. But I started to see some stuff. And I was like, well, that’s strange. So first, I was seeing one of her guides standing on her left side, and I started, I started to describe what I was seeing. And then Connie was sitting next to me, and she would prompt me like to give a little more detail. So she would say, you know, what do you notice about her belt? Or what do you notice about her shoulders? Or like her hair or whatever? So she would tell me like something else that she would be like, yeah, yeah. And like as, as I went through, and like pointed, like, she would kind of tipped me off, basically. And then the part that was really freaky was on her other side, I was like, I don’t know what the heck this is. and Connie is always like, just say what you see, say, What do you see? And I was like, Alright, and I was like, I’m seeing one of those old timey, like hearing aid things where it’s basically just like a cone. And then it’s like, you know, it like goes out. And I was like, I don’t know what that’s about. I just know, it’s like one of those old timey hearing aid things. And then there was a man there. And so I started describing him and our classmate Barb was like, but like I said, we’re supposed to stay neutral. And her job was like, right, Lauren, she was like, Oh, my God. And finally, she was like, Can I tell her Can I tell her cuz she was. And she was like, Oh, my gosh, she’s like, first of all, I’m, I’m definitely in my right ear. I was born with like a birth defect. And I have an internal implant. She’s like, so you can’t see it, you wouldn’t know. And she also had like, real bushy hair. So I probably

Stephanie  51:49  

wouldn’t have known, right? Yeah.

Sheila M  51:51  

But she was like, Yeah, she said, the only reason I can hear is because I have like an implant in that ear. And she’s like, and not only that, she’s like the man that you described as the only other person in my family who has the same thing as my uncle. And she’s like, and I knew him. As soon as he started describing him, it was like, perfect. And I was like, What is happening? Like,

Stephanie  52:12  


Sheila M  52:13  

I was so shook, and I was like, I can’t believe I just saw stuff. And we, we, I think I called you on my way, driving home from that class that night. And I was like, That was crazy. Because the same thing happened to you, where you, like, started reading something. And you were like, how did that work?

Stephanie  52:29  

Yeah, it’s funny. Yeah. Yeah, it’s just, it’s a matter of, I think, having faith in yourself and having faith in your abilities, and letting go of what the societal norms are, or what, you know, America tells us or corporate America or the world tells us or even whatever, you know, it’s just having that belief, which is, it’s hard to let that go. But when it works, like, Oh, this was like, the best thing ever. I’m so good at this.

Sheila M  53:04  

It’s, it’s like it’s astonishing, and it’s so um, you know, it’s like, so healing for the other people. And we even had stuff in class where people would be like, crying, you know, what I mean? where it was, like, very emotional, and like, yeah, a big thing. And, and it was like, a relatively low key situ, you know, low stakes. It’s not like somebody was coming in and paying for reading, like, we were just reading or every once in a while, we would read another class because it would be people we didn’t know. Right.

Stephanie  53:34  

But yeah, yeah, there was no, there was no stakes at all that’s it too. I think that we had nothing. There was nothing to gain except normal. Except more knowledge. Yeah. And understanding. And also kind of laughing about I was thinking about how we know our each, other spirits now. Oh, yeah. There’s so many times. Like, I’d be like, Oh, yeah, your grandma’s here.

Sheila M  53:59  

Oh, my gosh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So we kind of felt like it was getting to the point where it was hard, because I was like, um, you really have to, like, I have a hard time reading for people that I know really well, because I have to turn off like thinking part of my brain. So if I have a friend or something who has somebody passed away, I can’t always do the reading if we’re close, because my like my own brain will interrupt it. Like it’s too hard to turn it off.

Stephanie  54:28  

So I have to say the same thing. Yeah. Where were we were totally at that point. Well, we can’t really tell anymore. We we basically told Connie, we can’t read each other anymore because I am getting because I think part of it too. I could be wrong. But I think that the spirits that surround you and this person that’s around me, like like my spirits know who you are, and your spirits know who I am. So like, Oh, it’s Stephanie. I want to just come in and talk to her for a minute. Until Sheila said hi and Hello. She’s doing great And this and that. And then it’s not really deep message. It’s just like, Hi, over here, what’s up, and you know that sometimes all the messages are, but I think that’s what we were getting a lot of because I had kind of gone through this whole, like, had the date messages had the, you know, you know, like, the different people that came through and, you know, it was just, you know, interesting, right that we got to that point that Yeah. What I know about you are your deceased relatives. For a while, obviously, it’s different now. But like, Yeah, when we were going to class, we all knew about our deceased relatives that was about it.

Sheila M  55:44  

Exactly. I know, it’s funny, because I didn’t even know half of the classes last names, you know, like, I couldn’t even look these people up if I wanted to. Um, but I think that was one of the things. Yeah, I think that’s kind of one of the the misconceptions. What, um, what misconceptions do you think are out there that you wish that people would know? or What do you wish people understood about mediumship? And, and I guess any, any work like this, Woody, I think,

Stephanie  56:15  

I think for one thing, I think that certainly, that’s kind of talked about this before is that it’s something that we can’t control what happens, we can’t control who comes through, you know, we’re not walking around the streets, seeing people everywhere, we’re not getting spirits all the time. But for me, I know, when I get a message for somebody, it’s important, and it’s an important message. And or the person just really wants to connect with that, that Spirit wants to connect with the person. And I think that one of the misconceptions is that a lot of mediums are doing it for also a greater gain or for recognition, or notoriety or whatever the case may be. But I think most of us are just normal people like kind of living their lives. And I’m, again, I have no gain, by telling you that your grandmother came through by telling you, it’s, you know, your uncle, or whoever it is, like I, in my heart of hearts, I believe that I am providing something to the spirit to give to the person I’m reading. Mm hmm. And then that’s all. And sometimes it’s an important message, as long as it’s not an important message, or maybe I shouldn’t say not important, it’s just not a revolutionary message or, you know, deep message. And I think that, you know, I think that also is that as many as as different as people are, mediums have different abilities. You know, we’ve kind of talked about this, like my my friend, Kristen, she sees people, she gets a lot of dreams, she has a lot of dream sequences, where she’ll have spirits come to her in a dream. I said, I’ve had that happen to me a handful of times, I can count it on one hand, how many times I’ve had spares company and dreams. And she’s had happened numerous times. And I think that that’s that understand is that everyone who has this ability at all develops differently. Yeah. And I think that we’re all we all read differently. And I remember one time in class, I continue in that class when we did that Facebook Live, yes, with that person. And we read that one person. And there was three or four of us. And we all got something different from this from this one person. Yeah. So again, and they were all valid, the person validated us all, if I remember correctly, that we all did validate that came through. But which was interesting, right? So we’re sitting there, you and me, and one or two other people, and we’re reading one person, and we got four different things. Mm hmm. So I think that’s something else to remember is that, for whatever reason, a spirit might connect with me in a better way that might connect with you. And vice versa. Yeah. And but I think that’s also kind of goes to just how people are different, and how people have different strengths and different abilities. And I think that even with with mediumship is, you know, I might read you and I look at your grandma, but then, you know, my friend Kristen could read you and she might get, you know, an uncle, you know, and we’re sitting together. So I think that’s something else to understand is that it’s not just a black and white. If you think about it, the way I look at it, is that, you know, we’re all here on this earth, but we’ve all come from, you know, we have ancestors, we have families and they go back really, really far. Yeah. And sometimes it’ll go back one generation as a mother might go back two or three or four generations. Yeah. So it just really depends. On the message, I think the conduit so whoever the person is, that’s when the reading and what spirits going to connect best to that person to get the message to the person is being read if that makes sense. Yeah,

Sheila M  1:00:16  

yeah, I totally do. I think one of the things I think I wish people knew is that it is, like, inappropriate to, to just like walk up to a stranger and like, give them a reading in the grocery store. Like, what you are seeing on Long Island medium, it’s not how it’s actually happening. And yes, I think like, people say that to me all the time. And I do, like you said, I have friends who have like, given me permission that if somebody shows up or something to let them know, but like, I also have, like, human rules with the spirits, as I like to say, like, um, it’s basically like, you know, don’t interrupt a conversation, you know, like, don’t be pushy, you know what I mean? Like, and also that I’m not just like walking around day and night reading people, because like we said before, that would be exhausting. And also, it’s just like, I boundaries, like, and self control. And it’s just, it’s not appropriate for me to read you if you haven’t given me permission, you know?

Stephanie  1:01:24  

Right. And I and I, also, you know, I also think about that is that when I’m walking through my life, I have other things on my mind. Yep. Besides what’s around somebody else, though, certainly, I’ve had experiences where I’ve been out. And I’ll be like, Whoa, that person’s got a strong spirit around them. Yeah, I don’t want to walk up and say, Hey, what’s up? I’m Stephanie, you don’t know who I am? You know, like, that’s it. I don’t do that. Although, you know, kind of something. I think I told you the story. When it was about six or six or eight months ago, now, when I was seeing gentleman, I was at his house. And I was sitting on his sofa. And I told him, I first went over there, I was like, Hey, listen, just a heads up, you can take this or leave this. I have this ability. I can send spirits. And then he was a good Yes, since anything here. And I said, I get like a very calming, calming thing here. It’s very calming, it’s good spirits, whatever. Well, one night I was sitting there, and the spirit that wanted to come through, was up in my business, and would not stop for like 10 minutes. And I sat there and I thought, okay, here’s your choice. You can either tell him What’s going on? And he might say, You’re crazy, and get the heck out of here. Or I could not tell him and have to leave. Because the spirit was so strong. I couldn’t even be in the same room anymore. Yeah. So so but again, I did, I did kind of come. So I did end up telling him and I said, Listen, you can think however you want about this. This is what just happened. I said, I believe the spirit is your mom. She is very strong spirit. She has a lot to say. If you don’t want me to read you totally fine. If you want me to, I will be happy to read you. But I don’t know what you’re gonna get. Mm hmm. So I ended up reading him. And it was a really pretty cool experience. But again, that was that. I had a little trepidation about that. Because again, I don’t like to do that. Yeah. But when you have a really strong spirit that comes through like that, and again, I had, you know, I did say, oh, let me know if someone ever shows up. And also like, already, be careful what you wish for. And that was kind of, you know, something that it was very, it was me getting out of my comfort zone a lot because I don’t like to just read people unsolicited, I guess is the best way to describe that.

Sheila M  1:04:13  

Yeah, but it does happen like that sometimes where there’s just like a very, I would say like people are how they were in life. So if you had a pushy family member or friends, they’re probably still a little pushy. So as I am, yes, yeah, actually, the first time I went to class at first time, I went to medium school, there was a woman who walked in and as soon as she walked in, I was like, Wooo, I was like, there’s like a really, really strong spirit with her that like really has something to say like, sometimes say, and when. And I like I again, I was not like reading her but I was like,there’s definitely and then later feeling it Yeah, I was like there’s someone very pushy And then when we went around and shared, she shared that her husband had passed away recently. And I was like, whoop there it is. Good enough. Well, let’s figure that one out. I knew there was something strong going on there. Yeah, so that was,

Stephanie  1:05:17  

yeah, but nice that you were in a like, but it’s nice when you’re in like an environment like that. Rather than like, I’ve also had my, my best friend son passed away a few years ago from my heroin overdose. And he has come to me like, three times, and literally came and like, came like, into my, into my bedroom and was like, basically standing next to my bed and was like, want to talk to me. I was like, Alright, Holly, what do you like, All right, here we go. Yeah, I’m like your mama. I’m like, your mom might not believe me. And he, she had to say what he had to say. And it was just an I was like, No one said, My girlfriend is she and she does. And she believes but I said, Jenny, you can believe me, or you cannot believe me. But here’s what happened. And I think it you know, it was good. But again, this is sort of ation where I I know her very, very well. Yeah, there’s that there’s that comfort level, I don’t think that our random spirit is just going to constantly anyway. Like that, although, who knows? Yeah.

Sheila M  1:06:21  

Yeah, yeah, I do think that’s interesting. What, um, what did we What did we learn in school that you found most helpful? Or, or that you wish you had known in the beginning?

Stephanie  1:06:35  

How to protect myself? Yeah, how to protect my stare at my aura to protect. When, you know, it’s that white light and grounding. And, and, you know, it was interesting whenever I would, you know, read things before, and they’d say, sending white light light, and white light and white light and love. I didn’t really understand what that meant. Yeah. And now I understand that, it’s that protection that is so important to be able to guard your own spirit, because I remember, I don’t know if you were in this class or not. We had a class where there was a woman who called in from like, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, or somewhere somewhere in New England. And she was she had come to Connie, because she was trying to control she had spirits that would not leave her alone. They were just constantly at her in her house all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time. And Connie said you need to learn how to protect yourself. And she said, What do you mean? She said, you have to set boundaries, you have to protect yourself with white light. And she taught her how to do that. And, you know, the girls like how’s it gonna work or not? And cause like, trust me, it’s gonna work, just, you know, just do this. And, you know, she had called in for another class later, and did say that it helped tremendously. It hadn’t made it go away completely. But I think also, she had no boundaries with her spirits, because she did not know to make boundaries. You know, then she went to throw them up. And I guess the spirit of some of them were like, Okay, cool. And others were like, hey, you’ve been doing this with me all this time? Yeah, why can’t we do this anymore. So I’m hoping that she was able to, to use that. But it’s really been helpful for me, even when, you know, if I’m reading somebody, it really helps. For one thing, I think it helps get you in the right mindset of being in that, that spiritual level, and you kind of feel that warmth of that warmth around you. And I really do feel that I always feel when I call in the white light, or I call in the higher, you know, higher power, I do feel that warmth, I do feel that protection. I really do feel that and I also know that when I go somewhere, like if I go to like a haunted, like a haunted place or something that has that, that rumor of being haunted, or maybe an old house or an old building, I will protect myself before going in. Just because you don’t know. Yeah, it’s that unknown. So it has definitely helped me not to feel uncomfortable because I think prior to me understanding this, I would go into places and feel very uncomfortable, or almost, for lack of a better term a little squirrely. Yeah. And not understanding why I was so almost wanting to get out of my own skin. But now I know I understand that if you protect yourself, you can do that. And then even honestly, the one thing too that you know if I have a spirit that like is wanting to come talk to me for a reason. I’m like, okay, who are you? What do you want and if I don’t people coming to me, I’m like you need to go away. You need to come back tomorrow during during daytime not two o’clock in the morning. Yeah, and and put boundaries on that because again, I I don’t know if you but I think a lot of for myself, I do have spirits that do come to me. At night, sometimes it might be, you know, a friend of a friend, it could be a family member or someone that I am very close with, could my own family member, it could be my friend, and I’m the closest, it’s too I am I need to sleep, I understand that you don’t have to sleep at the spirit time. But in my land, you don’t need to sleep. So I have learned to do that where obviously, you know, five years ago, I wouldn’t have known about that. But I’m just saying that it’s good to have those boundaries and know how to just say, hey, you can’t do this. Yeah, and, and not be afraid to do that.

Sheila M  1:10:40  

Yeah, I feel the same way. And I think one of the things for me, that was a huge relief, because in the beginning, I was having a very hard time controlling it and just felt like my apartment was like Grand Central Station. For spirits like it just I it was a lot. And when I would do healing work, because I didn’t completely know how to turn it off. I knew how to protect the room that I was in, but I didn’t know how to completely turn it off. So sometimes it would just feel like there were like, a bunch of spirits like lined up outside the room. Like, I was, like, just aware of them being there, but not the right in the space. Right. So it was like a whole thing. So when, when we got in there and like the first thing we learned was how to protect ourselves and how to set rules. It completely changed my life. It was like that changed my life. And, and when she said, You know, this is your realm, like you’re in charge here, whether you’re scared or not, you’re in charge, and they’re just visiting. So like you can send them away, you can do all of this stuff. And over, like just from from that first couple classes where we learned about like, making your rules and everything. Like you said, that helped me a lot. And that’s when I set my like, human rules. Like there’s no lurking in the house like, right, how come or don’t interrupt people. For a while I was doing like spirit office hours, where I just do my meditation or whatever. But then I was like, it’s fine. If If you need me, like, once I kind of weeded out everyone.

you know, if if you know, me or my friends or if you’re like somehow an acquaintance of mine. Sure. Everybody else sorry. Like, yeah, unless you’re asking for somebody who’s yours, you don’t anyway. So um, that really helped me a lot. And I actually set a nobody in my bedroom at night thing because I’m like, I can’t relax. And I think like one of the misconceptions, I think that exists too is that it’s like scary and I would say it’s not as scary as it is startling, like as, like as startling as it would be if a person just walked into the room like it’s just yeah,

it’s like it like a jolt, you know what I mean? And it’s not really, it’s not really fear. But a lot of times if there is a spirit that is like really persistent, it will feel like anxiety to me, or like my heart’s racing a little bit. Or pressure, like you described where I feel like there’s like a little bit of like, pressure on my chest or in my head or something.

Stephanie  1:13:20  

Yeah, definitely. I think that that’s, it’s, it’s interesting, because I’ve had that similar like, you know, you have to set those rules because, and again, the thing was so funny, right, is that I think, wrongly, that I have no control over this. Mm hmm. But really, we have all we have all the control, we have the control, and being able to embrace that was really helpful. Although it is it was still kind of fun. I remember the night that you know, the first night that Polly came to my room. I was like, Oh my god, what do you want? Like, it’s like two o’clock in the morning. What do you want from me? And, of course, love him like my sons. I was like, What? No, of course, I’ll talk to you. But he does sometimes. I also have a tendency to get very, I talked to them, like they’re here. I trade I don’t treat them any differently than I do. A person that I know. And I think yeah, maybe misconception that you have to act a certain way or be a certain way. But they’re just it’s just the spirit of whomever you’re connecting with. The person was here, and now they’re not. But they don’t transiently change who they are. They still have that same personality. Yeah, for them in the same way. And I think that one thing people also shut down was that even if you don’t, you know, even if you don’t have medium abilities, or the abilities, you know, your family or your friends or your people you care about are around you, and they can hear you. So if you feel like you know, your father passed and you really miss him and it’s okay to say that in this view. And even if you can’t feel him, you know, he’s probably they’re hearing it.

Yeah, he’s definitely hearing and that’s one of the things that I thought was funny about when I, when I started doing readings for other people, which I’m not currently doing, I was asked to put that out there. And I’m not taking anybody on my waitlist right now. But, um, when I started doing readings for other people, like I would bring a spirit through and they would like, tell me to tell the spirit something that I’m like, No, they can hear you. You can, like they can hear everything you’re saying. And, and, and I think like some of the funnier things like my friends have been like, oh, we’ll do like, is like the spirit of my grandmother watching me have sex, you know, or like all these things. Oh, like, they have boundaries like you. Right? Right. Yeah, that’s why we have boundaries, you know, is to be like, don’t be in my room at night. You don’t need to be a part of that. 

Right. Exactly.

Sheila M  1:15:48  

And like, also, like, they just, you deserve privacy. And if you’ve set that boundary, I want to have privacy, like, you’re gonna have privacy, you know? And if you talk to them, they’re gonna be there. Like, same thing.

Stephanie  1:16:02  

Right? Right, you can understand even though again, you can summon them to the extent but again, I can’t necessarily some of them for you. But because some of them might not want to be seen or known. Or they could also be with somebody else or helping somebody else. Yeah. You know,

Sheila M  1:16:20  

sometimes there’s like a, like, a busy signal for lack of a better term.

Stephanie  1:16:26  

Yeah, like, I think I have, like I’ve had, you know, people that I’m close with friends, you know, like, I’ll say, Yeah, like your mom, spirit’s not here. I think she’s over with your dad, or, you know, she’s around, but she’s not here. You know, like, kind of that. I know, she’s in the neighborhood, or your dad’s in the neighborhood. But they’re not right here at the very second. Yeah, you know, yeah. So it’s kind of like we think about it like when your house. Yeah, like if you’re in your bedroom, and your mom and your your mom’s in the basement of the family room watching TV. Like you’re in the same house together, but you’re not like bright together. So that’s kind of how I would equivocate some of that is that, you know, I feel like, spirits have to look out for a lot of people, like, you know, my, you know, I always feel like my father’s always like, looking out for myself and my sister and my kids and my nephews and my mom and probably his brothers. And so I feel like he’s got a lot to do. So he’s like, again, in the neighborhood. And if something’s going sideways, he’s probably gonna show up. Yeah, but he’s just kind of like, checking it all out to make sure it’s good. I think a lot of these spirits do so. I mean, and, you know, people, you know, choose to believe it or not, but that’s what I really do believe is that they are kind of around and the summer not I think some have gone on to another level of, of their reality of their, of their spirituality. Yeah, that they might not be be here, you know?

Sheila M  1:17:57  

Yeah. Well, are there any other stories or anything from from class or from going to school or just from life that you want to share or talk about or anything that was like funny, or? I know, like, more often than not, we ended up like laughing in there. Because, like, again, people are how they were in life. And often there were like, very funny things happening.

Stephanie  1:18:21  

Yeah, so I have some many. Sometimes I can just like, I can run off things that happened. Goodness, whatever. The one time in class. Where was that little boy that was always on the steps. 

Sheila M  1:18:36  

Oh, my God. Yes. 

Stephanie  1:18:38  

That we all do was there. Like, like, it was hilarious. I thought that was just hilarious. Right. It was it was

Sheila M  1:18:45  

so funny, because I think what had happened was somebody got there early. One of our classmates, I think Jacqueline got there early. And when she came in, she you weren’t there yet. And it was just me and her and Connie. And she said something to Connie about about the little boy and this other person that were on the stairs? And she described them both. Yeah. And then we sat there and we did class, and you would come in and we did class or whatever. And then Jacqueline left, and somebody else left. And I was waiting to walk out with you. And you said something to Connie about the little boy and the other person on the stairs. And I was like, Yes. And Connie and I just like looked at each other. And I was like, Oh my God. I was like, Yes.

Stephanie  1:19:27  

Like That was so fun. It really

Sheila M  1:19:28  

just happened. It was like a test case. It was so funny.

Stephanie  1:19:32  

And then the other thing that remember the one night we had class, and it was wild in there, there was so much going on. There was like it was just like it was like it was like a spirit party. And I remember that Connie goes every single one of you get on your stools and sit over there and don’t bother us. And I was like, it was

Sheila M  1:19:55  

 It was so funny

Stephanie  1:19:58  

and then they’ll and then the whole room changed.

Sheila M  1:20:00  

Yeah, because it was in that day, I was like, Oh, I was like, it’s like a, like a wave. You know what I mean? It would have we

Stephanie  1:20:08  

yeah Can we were all saying that and she just was like, like she was she was like the she was like the spirit police. She was like, You all can just go and sit over there and, and do not bother us. And if you are summoned you may come over. And that was that I was like, you go you tell them you tell them? Yeah, that was so crazy to me. Because I just weren’t thinking I was taking this little bit long night. That’s all I remember thinking was this will be a long night. like crazy in there. Yeah. Crazy in there.

Sheila M  1:20:42  

People underestimate how exhausting it can be to because even when you’re even when you’re, you know, following the rules, and you know, doing everything right, so to speak, um, and being safe. I’m I would still like text you the next day and be like, holy shit. I am so exhausted today. Like, I feel like I ran a marathon last night, you know?

Stephanie  1:21:05  

Yes, I remember coming out of there. And sometimes I’d be so tired. I would have to call somebody. I could like keep myself conscious. Wasn’t we talked on my mind the way home? 

Sheila M  1:21:16  

Yeah, we talked on the phone on the way home. like, Yeah, I was like, I was like, I’m really tired. And like, I feel like, or like, I just be like, like that. jewelry. nervous. tired. I know. I have to drive home but like, right, like, kind of like buzzing or something. Yeah.

Stephanie  1:21:32  

Yes. And on also, like not having a lot of people to talk to about it either, right?

Sheila M  1:21:36  

Yeah. We’d be like, holy shit. Did that just happen? 

Stephanie  1:21:40  

Can you believe that? Oh, my God, that’s just hot. Yeah,

Sheila M  1:21:42  

it was it was crazy. And I remember, one night You called me on the way home and you were like, Am I losing it? Like, did that just happen? Because that appeared even for us?

Stephanie  1:21:55  

Yeah, we had a few miles like that, where we were just like, like, if I hadn’t experienced that, I’d have been like, that actually didn’t happen. You’re lying to me. Yeah. And again, I sometimes wish that I had looked. I mean, I know we’re allowed to record or if we could have done it would have been like, it would have been like, so amazing to do that. Because just to go back and listen to some of the detail that people would have and readings and what they would come across. And yeah, so definitely, you know, just really, it was a great experience. And I’m, you know, I am anxious to when I finished my PhD. Get back into doing it more, because I really do enjoy doing it. Although it’s more for me, it’s like I do it for people that I that I know. And then I think I’m gonna add a value to them. Yeah. But it’s just it’s just also to me, it’s like, if I go somewhere that’s like an old building or historical I love being able to go into that place. And like kind of feel what happened. Yeah. And almost like, see what happens, see the history and see what’s going on. See whether it happened. It just is a really, it’s just a neat, a neat thing to have happen. And it’s just a neat experience. Yeah, like I mean, I still but I still even though I don’t read people often. I mean, I I had a spirit. I was went up to go to the bathroom on night. I was saying the hallway spirit passes right through me. And I was like, who I’ll even know who you are, like, what are you doing? Here? Yeah. And, and it was, I wasn’t home that night. I was, um, I walked back in the bedroom, and I was like, Alright, who are you? And what’s your deal? Like? Yeah, what was all about? So, I think the one thing also about spirits, I think, is that they are they still have a personality, right? So like, if they were like, if they were like a cautious person during life, they’re going to be a cost stare. And if they are a prankster on life, they’re going to be a prankster. And you know, in death if they’re boisterous in life, they’re gonna be boisterous. And you know, in their spirit, like it’s, again, intrinsically to they are they’re just, they’re just as a whole body of physical being person is not here anymore. But I think that’s the thing too, is that if, if you’re talking to you know, Grandma, she’s so Grandma, ah, and one that also that I learned that didn’t really real didn’t really resonate till it actually started happening is that, for me, anyway, people came through the way that I remember them, or the way that I know them, or if they came through for somebody else, it was the way they want to be remembered.

Sheila M  1:24:45  

Yeah, yeah. They don’t always look how they looked when asked Yes, a lot of times, especially women of a certain generation, like to look younger and like to look a little more put together and so often But I did notice that I would start to get like signaled about that too. Like, I feel like they’d be like, this isn’t what I looked like when I died. But I look good.

Stephanie  1:25:08  

yes they were trying to be like, they’re like, I remember I read some, but I did a reading. And it was someone’s mother, who passed it on and maybe 80 or something that I don’t hold, she lets me pass, but she came through in this whole like Audrey Hepburn thing. Yeah, like the hair and the and the pearls, the black dress, and was just, just was tight, you know, like, put together and was like, this is the way I remember, this is the way I like being this is, this is this is, you know, this is my, like, they kind of bring their best self out, you know, and I ever read a couple people like that, where it would be that old fashioned, because you knew because I know for me, when somebody who has passed comes through, but they don’t come through as they, as the person will remember them. I get almost like a black and white memory. I you know, I mean, like, I want to get that or not to but like it’s like a black and white like they, I see them but I see like a younger version. So it’s almost like this old. Like, I look at it as like my dad’s highschool picture. My mom’s High School picture. It’s not black and white. Yeah. Yeah, that’s

Sheila M  1:26:17  

That’s so interesting. I remember reading for you one time. And it was like a real lesson in like, like, just just say what they say don’t don’t translate, just say what’s coming up. And I’m like, all right. And I was reading this woman. Um, and again, I believe she was looking younger to me than she was when she passed. And so I was like, a little confused at first. And I was like, she’s saying it’s important that she’s wearing pink. And I was like, I don’t know what that means. And you were like, Oh, yeah, that’s my color for grandma. You were like, it’s my grandma. You’re like, I knew who it was, as soon as I like, started describing it. But first, I was like, it’s very confusing, because she looks young, but her clothes are kind of old fashioned. But you know what I mean? And then I was like, describing something about like her kitchen. And like, I was like describing this like, whole thing. And you were like, Yeah, I know exactly who it is. And I was like, oh my god. Um, yeah, yeah, I do think it’s funny, because, like, you were saying, we kind of got to know, like, get to know each other’s family members do. Yeah, so interesting. Because when I read for you the first time I think you’re ducking through the first time that I read for you. And I was like, confused, because I was like, she’s, she’s pretty young. I was like, this is really your dad. You know what I mean? Like, like, he was like, our, but I was like, really? Like she seems too young, um, and he didn’t seem like he seemed young. You know

Stephanie  1:26:17  

yesh he was, he was young when he passed

Sheila M  1:27:46  

yeah. And so I was like, I like I was going through, but like, his personality came through so strong. And I was like, Oh, he’s so sweet. Like, you know what I mean? Like, I was like, Oh, yeah, how close they were. And like, it was like this whole thing. And I was like, Oh, that’s like, so while like, I wasn’t really trusting it at first, but like, again, like you said, it was like, just his personality, like, so strong. And I think that’s one of the strongest things. I think people watch the shows, and they’re looking for, like, a full physical description and all that stuff. But I’m like, it’s really more in the personality is what I learned from from going to class and everything.

Stephanie  1:28:23  

And it’s like, it’s like pieces of things like, like the perfect example the pink for my grandmother. And yeah, well, it actually just occurred to me why pink means grandmother to me. My dad’s mother. She wore a pink but she had a good a good dress for weddings and such. Yeah, it was a pink dress. It was all pink. Yeah. Um, so that is where and it just occurred to me why grandmother’s pink. Now again, my other grandmother did not have a pink dress. Yeah, but my dad’s mom had a pink dress. And that is what anytime someone’s grandma comes through. I see pink.

Sheila M  1:28:59  

Yeah, yeah. And that’s part of what we’re doing is basically like, creating this index, and this, like, spirit dictionary kind of thing.

Stephanie  1:29:09  

But It’s our own translation. Because Yeah, obviously pink does not mean grandmother to you. Right? But it does to me.

Sheila M  1:29:17  

I know. And that’s why I was like, This is so funny. And probably like, I’ve had a couple things like that, where I’m like, I don’t know what the heck this means. And I say it and the person’s like, I know what that means. Like, they know right away, like, exactly. I had a client and, um, and I was like to talk out loud to your dad at work. And she was like, like, her face. She was like, stunned and she was like, Can I do this? She was like, Oh my gosh, I was like, he talks back and she was like, her, like her face. She was like, Oh my gosh, she was like, I wasn’t like trusting it like, like she was like getting stuff and like not realizing and I think that’s I think that’s kind of one of the things that I want to say too. Everyone is really that, you know, you pick up on more than you think you do, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a medium or spiritual or whatever, um, you’re getting that sense of that person being in that chair, because I feel like, even when I’ve done readings for people, I’m validating stuff that they knew, you know, or that they felt and as soon as I say that, they’re like, Oh, my God. I think that’s kind of everything

I wanted to talk about. But thank you so much stuff for, for taking the time today, adding medium stuff with me. And I thought it would be a nice little Halloween bonus episode to talk about this a little bit, but I’m sure um, in the future when we’re out of quarantine and COVID season, we’ll have to do we’ll have to do another episode where we kind of go into some more specific stuff. Or maybe we’ll go on some spooky adventures and and bring some stories. So yeah, sure.

Stephanie  1:31:05  

No, absolutely. I anytime. I mean, I love this. I love this part of who I am. I guess again, I wish I had been doing this longer. And I wish I fully understood it. And I wish I was better than I am. Because I definitely know I had a lot to learn. But it’s been a really fantastic journey and have just been open to this has been really just great for me. Yeah. Thank you for having me on. Because this is just you know, again, gets talked about our weird security stuff that nobody ever cares about.

Sheila M  1:31:44  

Yeah, I know. I know. It’s just nice to have somebody as always to talk to you about it. So thank you so much. 

Thank you so much for listening to Living Tarot. If you love today’s episode, please leave us a review and subscribe so that you never miss an episode. This helps us reach even more budding intuitives. Feel free to share on Instagram and tag me @StarSageSpirit and let me know what you learned what surprised you and what you’d like to hear even more of. As always, if you want to hear more about my courses, or book a reading with me, or for full episode show notes, you can head over to

Daily Medium Life – A Reluctant Medium Follow Up

Nine months ago I made my first blog post ever all about my mediumship abilities and everything I was going through.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine months of being public.  I still get questions and weird looks daily about what it’s like so I thought it might be a good time to check in.

The short story is that although I don’t talk about it super often and my mediumship readings make up a very small part of my practice, talking to spirit is still a very present part of my everyday life.

I think that most people think that being a medium is just me walking around seeing physical manifestations of spirits all day every day.  That is not the case. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I physically see spirits. It happens on occasion but for the most part, I get a sense that they are there and then I see them in my mind.

This week was a big one for astrological movement and I felt it very strongly.  The veil between words has a tendency to thin during the full moon, so I will be more aware of spirits. They will feel more present, a little stronger, a little bit more disruptive in my daily life.  They will break through during times when I am usually able to block them out.

So for example, when I work with Reiki clients or tarot clients, I typically turn off my mediumship ability so that I’m focused just on my client and I don’t get distracted, bu this week with everything that was going on, I  was interrupted in a reiki session and also in the middle of a reading at a tarot party by very persistent spirits that needed to talk to my clients.

That is really not the norm.  I have become very good at setting my boundaries with spirits, much the way I do with people in the physical world.  When I am off the clock, I really try to be fully off the clock. (Like when I was on vacation last month and I put up my spirit “out of office”)

I hold weekly spirit “office hours” where I will be open to communication with spirit and I also open up while I’m in session with mediumship clients, but the rest of the time, I turn on my spiritual “out of office” to give myself a break energetically.

So contrary to popular belief, I’m not walking around all day every day reading the relatives of everyone I meet.  I would be totally exhausted if I tried to do that.

With so many medium shows on TV now I think people get the impression that I’m going to walk up to them at the grocery store and start giving a reading, but personally I find that to be very invasive.  Reality TV is well-edited and those TV mediums are usually filming for weeks to get enough content for a full show. They aren’t just walking around reading constantly.

Even in other energy work sessions I give, I try not to read people unless that is specifically what they are there for because it feels ethically a little weird to me, and I respect the privacy of my clients.  If a spirit is being really persistent, I will tune in and see what all the fuss is about, but I really try to respect boundaries the rest of the time.

This week was an exception though.  When I was at a tarot party, a client’s daughter in spirit interrupted our session to come through really strong to both me and her mom.  She was very persistent and even her mom could feel the energy that she was bringing. It turned out to be very healing and a really important message, but afterwards I was super tired.

On my way home, another spirit that I am personally familiar with popped into the car with me while I was driving home. I think he was trying to help me out because I was so tired and I had a long drive, but everytime he comes around he makes my car smell like cigars (which I hate).  We had a nice little spirit chat before he popped out again and let me have some peace.

What I’ve found very interesting is that mediumship brings out my perfectionist side.  I don’t like to do anything that I’m not good at and mediumship is incredibly hard, and subjective.  There are so many different ways spirits communicate and sometimes I have to switch how I am communicating with a spirit on a dime because they don’t like to talk the way I usually do.  Spirits communicate in so many different ways and because of the way they communicate, with basically no context at all, doing a reading for someone is incredibly vulnerable.

I’ve also found that as an industry, people tend to lump all psychics and mediums in with the ones who are frauds.  This is not totally fair, Every industry has their share of frauds but for whatever reason, when it comes to metaphysics, people are especially ready to call every practitioner a fraud.  

This can be so frustrating to me since there are plenty of bad lawyers, doctors, financial advisors but you don’t find people having the same hesitation about hiring them.  I know the healing power of this work.

I’ve been so discouraged at times, and as a bit of a perfectionist myself I’ve considered giving it up several times, just to let myself off the hook.  What’s funny is that every time I do something weird will happen to convince me otherwise.

The first time, I had five client sin a row come in for reiki sessions who had a spirit with them who was desperate for me to deliver a message.  Then, I tried again and had clients come in for tarot only to have very strong spirits trying to communicate with them as well. Then this week, I said maybe I will just take a mediumship break for a bit to give myself a little more space in my schedule for some of the new work I’m doing, I had three different people reach out for readings and then that spirit show up at my tarot party to talk to her mother.

So I have to say, “OKAY, SPIRIT, I WON’T!”

I just wanted to give you all an update since I haven’t talked about it on the blog here for a while. I welcome any questions about this or anything else I do.  I’ll talk to you all next week.

In other news, this week is the absolute last call for 2020 Year Ahead Tarot Readings and New Years Release and Initiation Reiki and Tarot Combos. These are potent offerings that are perfect for you if you are trying to plan your year for maximum efficiency. They will be coming off my offerings list next week to make room for some new things that I am very excited about, so keep your eyes out for some new stuff coming next month.