Daily Medium Life – A Reluctant Medium Follow Up

Nine months ago I made my first blog post ever all about my mediumship abilities and everything I was going through.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine months of being public.  I still get questions and weird looks daily about what it’s like so I thought it might be a good time to check in.

The short story is that although I don’t talk about it super often and my mediumship readings make up a very small part of my practice, talking to spirit is still a very present part of my everyday life.

I think that most people think that being a medium is just me walking around seeing physical manifestations of spirits all day every day.  That is not the case. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I physically see spirits. It happens on occasion but for the most part, I get a sense that they are there and then I see them in my mind.

This week was a big one for astrological movement and I felt it very strongly.  The veil between words has a tendency to thin during the full moon, so I will be more aware of spirits. They will feel more present, a little stronger, a little bit more disruptive in my daily life.  They will break through during times when I am usually able to block them out.

So for example, when I work with Reiki clients or tarot clients, I typically turn off my mediumship ability so that I’m focused just on my client and I don’t get distracted, bu this week with everything that was going on, I  was interrupted in a reiki session and also in the middle of a reading at a tarot party by very persistent spirits that needed to talk to my clients.

That is really not the norm.  I have become very good at setting my boundaries with spirits, much the way I do with people in the physical world.  When I am off the clock, I really try to be fully off the clock. (Like when I was on vacation last month and I put up my spirit “out of office”)

I hold weekly spirit “office hours” where I will be open to communication with spirit and I also open up while I’m in session with mediumship clients, but the rest of the time, I turn on my spiritual “out of office” to give myself a break energetically.

So contrary to popular belief, I’m not walking around all day every day reading the relatives of everyone I meet.  I would be totally exhausted if I tried to do that.

With so many medium shows on TV now I think people get the impression that I’m going to walk up to them at the grocery store and start giving a reading, but personally I find that to be very invasive.  Reality TV is well-edited and those TV mediums are usually filming for weeks to get enough content for a full show. They aren’t just walking around reading constantly.

Even in other energy work sessions I give, I try not to read people unless that is specifically what they are there for because it feels ethically a little weird to me, and I respect the privacy of my clients.  If a spirit is being really persistent, I will tune in and see what all the fuss is about, but I really try to respect boundaries the rest of the time.

This week was an exception though.  When I was at a tarot party, a client’s daughter in spirit interrupted our session to come through really strong to both me and her mom.  She was very persistent and even her mom could feel the energy that she was bringing. It turned out to be very healing and a really important message, but afterwards I was super tired.

On my way home, another spirit that I am personally familiar with popped into the car with me while I was driving home. I think he was trying to help me out because I was so tired and I had a long drive, but everytime he comes around he makes my car smell like cigars (which I hate).  We had a nice little spirit chat before he popped out again and let me have some peace.

What I’ve found very interesting is that mediumship brings out my perfectionist side.  I don’t like to do anything that I’m not good at and mediumship is incredibly hard, and subjective.  There are so many different ways spirits communicate and sometimes I have to switch how I am communicating with a spirit on a dime because they don’t like to talk the way I usually do.  Spirits communicate in so many different ways and because of the way they communicate, with basically no context at all, doing a reading for someone is incredibly vulnerable.

I’ve also found that as an industry, people tend to lump all psychics and mediums in with the ones who are frauds.  This is not totally fair, Every industry has their share of frauds but for whatever reason, when it comes to metaphysics, people are especially ready to call every practitioner a fraud.  

This can be so frustrating to me since there are plenty of bad lawyers, doctors, financial advisors but you don’t find people having the same hesitation about hiring them.  I know the healing power of this work.

I’ve been so discouraged at times, and as a bit of a perfectionist myself I’ve considered giving it up several times, just to let myself off the hook.  What’s funny is that every time I do something weird will happen to convince me otherwise.

The first time, I had five client sin a row come in for reiki sessions who had a spirit with them who was desperate for me to deliver a message.  Then, I tried again and had clients come in for tarot only to have very strong spirits trying to communicate with them as well. Then this week, I said maybe I will just take a mediumship break for a bit to give myself a little more space in my schedule for some of the new work I’m doing, I had three different people reach out for readings and then that spirit show up at my tarot party to talk to her mother.

So I have to say, “OKAY, SPIRIT, I WON’T!”

I just wanted to give you all an update since I haven’t talked about it on the blog here for a while. I welcome any questions about this or anything else I do.  I’ll talk to you all next week.

In other news, this week is the absolute last call for 2020 Year Ahead Tarot Readings and New Years Release and Initiation Reiki and Tarot Combos. These are potent offerings that are perfect for you if you are trying to plan your year for maximum efficiency. They will be coming off my offerings list next week to make room for some new things that I am very excited about, so keep your eyes out for some new stuff coming next month.