Creativity, Intuitive Decision-Making & Embodying the Fool With Tanya Gallagher

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In this episode I speak with Tanya Gallagher and a Seattle Based author and entrepreneur and one of my oldest friends.  In this episode Tanya and I discuss how an early leap of faith in dropping out of college and moving across the country for a brand new relationship set her up for a lifetime of trusting her Intuition. She is the true embodiment of the Fool card because of her ability to jump into creativity and wholeheartedly and surrender to her intuition.

  • We discuss how the importance of having a relationship with your inner guidance system and how that can help you navigate doubt from the people around you.
  • We talk about the challenges of changing identity and allowing yourself to create your own value system.
  • Tanya talks about how she was drawn to writing about love and how reinvention has played an important part in both her writing and her career.
  • We discuss how creativity and intuition work together and how Tanya has been able to make challenging decisions easier by trusting her intuition.

Tanya also talks about ways that she has used her intuition to improve her writing so that she could write nine books all while running a business with her husband, having a full-time job, and being a mom.

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