Navigating Relationships with the Tarot

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For episode 7 of Living Tarot, I dive into one of the most popular types of readings I do, relationship and love tarot readings.   We all know that when it comes to matters of the heart we can all be extra sensitive.

  • I discuss some of the hangups that people have about asking for relationship advice in a tarot reading.
  • I also talk about how important it is to normalize reading tarot to look into your love life, and how it can offer valuable perspectives on your motivations and your partners, and how to get clear action steps and problem solving insights.
  • Relationships are complex and that’s why I also discuss a variety of ways to ask questions and how to approach a reading to deepen your connection and more towards understanding – which goes above and beyond just romantic relationships.
  • I also give some pointers on asking about your love life if you are looking for love.

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Welcome to Living Tarot. I’m your host Sheila Masterson. I’m a tarot reader and teacher, an energy healer and medium and creator of Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives. Each week on this podcast, I’ll share my own experience of embracing and growing intuition and interview guests about how they heard the call of intuition, embraced the adventure, and embodied the Tarot along the way. Join us and learn how you can stop second guessing,  empower yourself through intuition and live intentionally with the Tarot.

Welcome back to living Tarot. Today we’re going to talk about relationship Tarot. So probably how most people think about the Tarot, Especially people who are looking at references in pop culture and society at large. It is probably the it’s probably very close to number one in my business is probably kind of split between career and relationship Tarot. There are so many things you can read on obviously, but those are kind of the two heavy hitters for me. So we’re going to talk about situations that you may want to use Tarot to help give you some insight in relationships. And this isn’t just romantic relationships. This is true of all relationships. I will be speaking today more through the lens of romantic relationships, but consider this to be true for all relationships, anything that I’m talking about today. So we’ll look at some of the common types of readings that I do. And give you some new ideas maybe about how you can use Tarot to get insight into your own relationships. So here we go. So again, like we talked about in the last episode, when we talked about career Tarot, again, relationship Tarot can really help hold up a mirror to your relationships and also to your responsibility and your habits in relationships. It can show you how your past trauma so that 10 of Swords type of energy can show up in all different types of relationships in your life, but especially in romantic relationships and how we can start to notice how we are triggered or otherwise activated in our relationships and how we can start to take responsibility for that and improve the quality of our connection and our understanding of both ourselves and the other person. So

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the first thing that relationship Taro can really help us do is separate emotion from reality, which is a little bit about what we’re talking about here. So feelings are not facts. That’s a big, you know, Instagram meme that I see a lot, but it is true. And it can feel very true and especially for people who do really struggle with trauma, especially childhood trauma, or trauma around the way that they received love from a young age or the way that they were exposed to romantic love, whether that is through their parents relationship or through relationships that they saw. on display growing up, but it can really form our long term opinion about our expectations and relationships, our expectations to be let down or for people to meet a certain standard that may or may not be possible, and what Taro can really do and a common reading that I do is one that really offers a lot of reflections. So what do I think is true? or What am I afraid is true, versus what is actually true. And these are important questions to ask because especially with something that is so full of emotion and so full of vulnerability, it is really hard for us to get out of our own heads often when it comes to romantic relationships especially and so with a reflection type spread, you can really start to compare where a lot of your fear and anxiety might come up in the relationship against what is actually true and what is actually happening. Because what I’ve seen over and over and doing this type of reading is that what we invent in our heads is never as bad as what is actually true in reality very, very rarely is that the case and normally, we kind of let our imagination run away with us and really fall into this trap of of catastrophizing at times and, and thinking that things are really, really wrong. And on the other side of things sometimes, especially when we’ve invested a lot of time and energy in a relationship, we can think it is, it is worth You know, there is kind of this, this fallacy. I’ve already invested this as much time and therefore, I should continue to invest time, I should continue to invest energy, if I just wait a little bit longer, this person will come around. If I just give it a little bit more energy, this person will finally see. And that’s not always the case and the other. The other aspect of this type of reading is it will really confront us with what’s true. So if we are on the other side of the spectrum, and we are extending the benefit of the doubt to somebody who maybe is not really deserving of it or is not really interested in it, it can really help us to confront that and to gain some clarity around what is really going on and where our blind spot might be in the relationship. And so that can be that is probably one of the more potent readings that I do personally in my own life and Also one of the readings that seems to have a really profound effect on clients as well, and can be really emotional and really, really heavy to sort through but also extremely clarifying. And one of the things that I speak about, in my course Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives is the fact that when we come to a reading, especially when we’re reading for ourselves, always be ready to hear a know or always be ready to hear that what you are hoping is going to happen is not going to happen. And if you aren’t ready to hear that know yet, if you aren’t ready to hear that things aren’t going to go your way then don’t ask the question yet. 

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Because if we, if we ask before we’re ready, because we really just want to have the answer. It can cause us to stop Taj and, and to, to kind of create this almost like a, like a hissy fit, you know, where we’re like, I’m not, I’m not doing this, I’m not recognizing that this is happening and I, I speak very much from my own personal experience when I say this and also from my experience of doing, you know, thousands of readings for other people and really seeing this displayed because so often we can fall into the trap of thinking that just because we want something to be true that it that it is and this type of spread can be very confronting. But it also saves us a lot of time and a lot of energy that we might be expending that maybe is not really being appreciated and not really being accepted and not really being reciprocated. And so it can really, it can really force us to have some honest conversations with ourselves.

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So along with that, you can also use these, the spread that will help you to kind of ground you in where the relationship is at the moment. So it’s kind of like a mirror of the relationship. What you bring in what kind of energy you bring how you show up in the relationship, how your partner shows up in the relationship? What dynamic is present at the moment? What dynamic is are you kind of evolving into you can also in the same mirror spread, you can also see what might be kind of like slightly underneath the surface and the relationship that maybe needs a little bit of attention and discussion, what maybe needs to rise up a little bit, but maybe also you need to let cool so sometimes we are, we are so obsessed with with solving the problem in our relationship and fixing everything that we need to kind of step back and allow things to cool down a little bit before we can actually fix anything. And so it will also hold the mirror up and let you know if you need a little bit of space in order to do that which can be really lovely. And then from there can also provide you with action steps to start to move forward. So not just to, not just to, okay, go home and break up with this person, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying things more like, hey, it looks like you are holding your emotions in because you’re afraid of what their reaction will be like. And I think what you really need to do is actually express some of that stuff. Or maybe you do need to lose your cool a little bit. Maybe your partner feels like you don’t care and and they’re looking to see some sort of emotion or maybe your partner is extremely emotional, and you’re just not really recognizing them or meeting them where they are and they’re looking to see a little bit more vulnerability, or it can show you things about the dynamics of their relationship. So I’m seeing you As the king of cups, it looks like you always have to be the one leading and being vulnerable first in order to get that kind of that kind of reaction and reciprocation out of your partner. Maybe for you, that’s no problem. Or maybe it’s a huge problem. And and you never know how these things are going to play out for people. And so with this mirror type of spread, it can offer you just a real opportunity to get an outside kind of an outside perspective that can really clarify where you both stand in the relationship and how you can start to take some actionable steps to move forward to either come back into harmony to maybe sometimes create some some ripples to see you know, what might be just below the surface that needs to rise. up, and what maybe you need to either decide to let go of and move on from, or what you maybe can’t let go of and move on from and will really will really help you see all of that reflected. And so those are kind of two of like the major, major spreads that I use with people. But I also do when it comes to relationship readings, a lot of a lot of channeling and those type of readings. And also, people tend to come in with a lot of questions. And I did want to talk about the dynamic of this a little bit too, because I also do a lot of like free question sessions where, where people will just kind of come in and they’ll ask things and I’ll pull cards or a couple cards, and then just kind of go from there as well. But one of the things that I really wanted to talk to when it comes to relationship Tarot is the fact That I really want to normalize this. I do experience this thing through years of reading now where people will come in for a reading and say like, oh, like just something more general or I’m just kind of you know, interested to see what comes up and and you know, I might touch on some things I might say some things about the relationship.

And then like towards the very end of the reading, they’ll be like, oh, but like, could you just like, see like, what’s going on in my relationship? And and people there’s always like this like embarrassment around it or like, a little bit of like humiliation. About Can I really ask this or is this like corny? It is, it is absolutely. Absolutely appropriate to ask about your love life. I really want to normalize this. I think it is. It is so normal. It is a huge part of our lives. And asking about relationships is is a huge, huge part of our long term happiness in life. And, and, you know, not to say that everybody needs to be in a relationship by no means but like, when what I experienced is people having like some embarrassment or some shyness about really being open and and honest about what they really want in those sessions and I, I think it’s very, it’s very interesting but I also think that there’s nothing wrong with it. And so I really want to normalize that and to encourage you that if you have questions like that, please come in and ask them Don’t Don’t you know, don’t make don’t make your reader guess at what’s going on. And and really, if you if you have something like that, that you’re looking for clarity on ask for it because it can really help direct the reader to to watch You really need to focus on at that moment. So along with that, I also want to say that I another thing that can happen a lot, and especially when it comes to relationship readings, is emotion. I mean, there’s there’s inherently a lot of emotion tied up in this. A lot of self worth a lot of trauma sometimes. And so, another thing I want to say just kind of off the cuff is that it’s also extremely normal to have an emotional response in a session. I have experienced a lot of people who cry or who become really emotional while we’re working together and they always apologize and I just want to say you do not need to To apologize for your feelings to anyone, but especially to a reader. We are we are used to holding space for you to have an experience. And especially for me if you come in with to a session with me, I fully expect that we will be working with deep emotional things, and that it’s completely normal for you to have an emotional reaction to them. And that you should also normalize it for yourself that when you are confronting these things that can be really overwhelming sometimes and really heart wrenching that it is okay to have that kind of reaction. Even if you’re not used to having it in front of people. I guarantee that whoever your reader is, sees the light and it is completely normal and nothing out of the ordinary test at all. No need to apologize. And so I did want to say that as well. And then finally, the third type of reading that I do that can be really, really potent and really helpful is kind of a what’s what’s ahead or you know, what, what does my ideal partner look like? What’s kind of coming up in in my love life over the next few months, so kind of more. And I don’t really consider myself a predictive reader. I am definitely I identify a psychic even though I don’t really like that word, and I don’t really think it works in the way people think that it does.

But I do readings where I look at what kind of energy you’re going to be working with in your love life over the next few months, sometimes over the next year. And again, similar to what I talked about in the career episode, can really give you some ideas about the trajectory, maybe what still needs to be healed a bit, where you could consider putting yourself out there a little bit more, and what resources you really have to call on to help you navigate the challenges and really see and find the partner who is going to bring the most joy and satisfaction into your life. And so, those readings are a little bit more about kind of future gazing type of things, but they’re not. It’s not really meant to be Oh, in June, you’re gonna meet this person. Occasionally, something like that will come up, but it’s more along the lines of I really see you You know, Sometimes we’re moving out of a breakup. So I might see you kind of transitioning out of that over a couple months. And often what I see in this type of work is the cycles that we’re working within. So a lot of our progress is cyclical, where we might feel like we’re moving forward and then feel like we took a step backwards. And then we feel like we’re moving forward again. And then maybe we take a small step backwards. And so I see this a lot, especially with these kind of relationship trajectory, type of readings, is really giving you the peace of mind that not all of your progress in terms of choosing partners and connecting with your partner and really feeling that understanding for yourself and really being able to advocate for yourself in relationships. Not all of that is linear. And just hearing that hearing what some of these cycles can look like, can be extremely, extremely valid. are dating for people who are going through a lot of turmoil or are holding themselves to like a state of perfection or, or of timing that they’ve kind of invented in their head that maybe is not in alignment with how things are going in their lives and can create this friction. And so I do a lot of readings like that, where we’re kind of looking at the cycles of what kind of relationship energy you’re going to be dealing with over the year. And so if you practice these things for yourself, these might be some new ideas for you. You might already be doing some of them. You might be looking for more insight on how to intuitively read off of that because all of these are kind of baselines of where I start in a reading and because I do have that intuitive connection, I will then sometimes get an extra question here, or I think there’s something else I need to draw another card there. And I do encourage you, especially when it comes to readings like this that are so incredibly personal, to give yourself the opportunity to stray from any spreads that you might have, any book that you might have, to really sit down and intuitively connect and really feel it and really understand and have that compassion for yourself. So I think that can be extremely helpful. And if you are interested in getting a reading or some outside advice on your relationship or anything else, you can always find my availability for Tarot sessions or Reiki sessions. Over on my website, and right now I have openings for September and October. And if you’re interested in learning more for yourself my course Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives is currently open for enrollment, or will be opening very soon. So you can get on the waitlist for that through the show notes today. I would love to have you. I talk a lot about relationship Tarot in the course and also about how to read intuitively and to start to kind of create intuitive spreads based on what you’re trying to get to the bottom of whether it’s in your career or in your relationship in that course. So I would love to have you and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at and I will be right back here with another episode very soon. Bye for now.

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