How Does Intuition Work?

Intuition works a little bit differently for everyone. I will speak strictly from my own experience today. This should in no way be seen as a catch-all.

Since I was really young I have always had a strong connection with my intuition.  My mom would say I was a good judge of character.  She saw that I was selective about friendships and I intentionally sought out kind people (many of whom I am still friends with 25 years later).

The truth is that I always knew stuff about people.  I could see right through.  I was very empathic.  I felt other people’s emotions and intentions, and even before I was totally aware that I was doing so, I reacted to that information.

I describe it to this day as…what people really mean is right behind what they say.  You have probably had the experience yourself, of meeting someone, and knowing they don’t like you.  You know their face is saying one thing but you feel that intuitive impulse that they don’t really mean it.  It’s similar to what we talked about last week.

So when I grew up feeling things from people, like when I was bullied in school, I would be hurt and frustrated but I always knew it was because they were sad, or scared, or embarrassed, and it made me braver.  The more I trusted that feeling, the stronger it became and the easier it was to hear it.

Now that I’m grown, I listen for that same impulse and feeling. I am aware of my intuition in a totally different area in my body than when my brain is actively thinking about something.  When I get that feeling, I pause for a moment and try to listen to what it’s telling me.

Sometimes I ask questions like: Am I feeling fear?  Am I feeling a yes or no?  Am I feeling like I need to wait?

I also have a lot of clairaudience, which means I hear a lot of signals. Sometimes my ears ring when I’m getting a message or feeling.  Or I will know something about someone that will come in as if I’ve heard it. It’s less about actual hearing and more about how my brain becomes aware of it.

Even now I will think sometimes that a client has said something to me, for example, that they are an accountant. I will start talking about their accounting job and they will look bewildered and say “I didn’t tell you I was an accountant.”  I just shrug it off and tell them it happens all the time.

So sometimes that’s how I notice my intuition but there are a lot of different senses of intuition.  I also sometimes physically feel things.  This happens in Reiki sessions most often.  I will start working on someone and notice I’m getting a pain somewhere in my body. Sure, enough when I ask them about it, it’s something that is going on in their body.

I also sometimes have an unexplainable sense of something.  Perhaps I spend time with someone I’m close to and I suddenly know something about them.  It’s not intentional.  It just pops into my head out of nowhere.  I can’t explain why or how.  This can be the hardest sense to hone because we often write off thoughts that aren’t backed up by a story of how we know it or why we know it.  We get stuck in trying to logically figure it out rather than just listening.

I realize you’re probably sitting there thinking, Sheila, that’s just you.  I can’t do those things.  I barely even trust what people tell me.

I understand.  Listening to your intuition is a vulnerable thing.  You open yourself up to something you’re not instantly good at and it can bring up a lot of feelings of inadequacy.  This is why we practice.  

That is the entire reason that I developed my High Priestess Embodiment Workshop.  This workshop is open now.  It is entirely virtual and combines lecture, meditation, journaling and a mini yoga practice to help you get in touch with your own intuition.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that come up and get answers via a Q & A recording after the course closes.  You don’t need any tarot training or understanding as this is an intuition workshop and you have permanent access so you can go back and access it again at any time you need a refresher.  Training is open now but only until July 3rd at 11:59 PM ET.  You can read more about it and sign up here.

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3 Reasons You Might be Afraid of Your Intuition

Last week I was chatting with a friend who was having a hard time in her relationship.  

 “I know, I am ignoring my intuition.  I get an impulse and I dig my heels in and do the opposite.  I feel like I’m afraid of my intuition, is that a thing?”

It reminded me of something that so many of my clients go through.  It’s something I go through all the time.

What happens when our intuition shows up and we feel afraid of it?  So I wanted to dig into this today.  Here are three reasons why you might be afraid of your intuition:

When we experience this there are a few reasons why we might be feeling some fear about trusting ourselves.

The first is that we were taught not to trust ourselves from the time we were young.  

Most of life has conditioned us to outsource our wisdom to people with more experience.  Teachers, pastors, and parents are who we learn to trust first.  We go to school or church, or even at home someone tells us how to get dressed, tie our shoes, count to ten, and we are indoctrinated into a system that teaches us to trust others more than ourselves.

Now, I’m not hating on traditional education but it is only in the past year or two that mindfulness has been taught in schools, giving children a much needed sense of agency and a better understanding of listening to self.

We grow up not really having an understanding of why it’s important to listen to our own intuition because society doesn’t value it.  So when you get an intuitive impulse, you might feel afraid because it may feel like challenging authority.  

Trauma can also be a culprit.

If you experienced trauma in your childhood, in particular, you might have a harder time developing your sense of reality.  If someone was making you doubt yourself constantly as you were growing up, it can be very challenging as an adult to trust your impulses because you’re afraid of being wrong again, or you’re afraid of the consequence of being wrong.

Similarly, if you experienced trauma as an adult, you may have a strong distrust of your intuition because you feel that it led you wrong.  When you start to notice it coming up, you may feel triggered because that sensation reminds you of the bad thing that happened.

This kind of distrust can be hard to break through, but it is UNDERSTANDABLE.  If you find yourself in this place, don’t force it.  Offer yourself compassion in those moments.  There’s no need to be open to intuition if you aren’t ready for it yet.

Being awake to our intuition means having to do something about it.

Ignorance is easy. Being awake is hard. 

Once you pay attention to your intuition, especially if you’ve been ignoring it for a while it can come in more like a flood than a trickle, which is very overwhelming. Our intuition is always asking us to be true to ourselves.

Sometimes that means leaving behind people, places, or work that you have loved for a long time.  Sometimes people you are close with can’t go along with you, or don’t understand you the same way they once did.  No one wants to lose anything and intuition challenges us by pushing us out of our comfort zone.

It’s a bit of a Pandora’s box.  Once you crack the lid, nothing is the same.  It unravels possibilities.

So you might find yourself doing things to block your intuition like constantly having the radio on, or the TV blaring in the background, filling every waking moment with activity, or even abusing substances like alcohol or marijuana to help you tune out and relax.

These aren’t really sustainable options.

The key is learning how to tune in when you need it and tune out when you need a break.  If you can get to a place where you have a good relationship with your intuition it can become like a super power, keeping you on track.  When confusion comes up or when you’re faced with a decision you don’t know how to make, you can tune in and know right away what to do.

You might be saying, Sheila, this sounds really overwhelming.  How can I start to take baby steps to trust my intuition without getting totally overwhelmed?

I’m so glad you asked!  My High Priestess Embodiment Workshop opens next Monday, June 29th.  This course is designed as a beginners guide to intuition and will help you recognize the signals that your body sends you when your intuition is trying to get your attention, how to tune in to the message, and how to stop second guessing yourself.  If you want to stop being afraid and start to trust your intuition, you can sign up here

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Design Your Own Intuition Guidebook with the High Priestess Embodiment Digital Course

White Mountains – New Hampshire

Last week I launched my first ever online workshop.  It’s an adaptation of my High Priestess Embodiment workshop that is designed for participants to work at their own places to build their own intuitive language.  This has been equal parts thrilling and terrifying.  

Putting my own thoughts and ideas out there opens me up to criticism and imposter syndrome and it’s taken a little bit of procrastinating, a little bit of coaching, and a little bit of getting cues from my own intuition to give me the confidence to do so.

Almost a year ago when the idea for this course started bouncing around my head, I knew it was important for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to normalize listening to intuition. I wanted people to see that it is something we all have in our own way. Finally, I wanted to make intuition more accessible and less lonely.

When I first started having these experiences I felt incredibly alone and isolated.  I spent most of my life not really understanding that something different was happening for me, and feeling a bit alienated from people who I thought were having the same experiences but were not.

So when I got older and everything intensified, I wanted to give other people like me who are just starting out on their own path the tools to start to figure out how intuition works for them.  All I wanted in the beginning was a guidebook.

I wanted to try to logically approach something that is pretty esoteric, and that is only just starting to be studied by science.  I wanted to create a hypothesis, test data, and come up with some sort of proof for myself.

I read book after book from other mediums and intuitives trying to understand the exact path forward.  Some of them said to meditate for an hour a day, some had elaborate exercises and some suggested the only way was to find a one on one mentor.

I was frustrated.  Like so many of us, I was too focused on trying to find the “right” way to approach my particular gifts that I ignored what I knew in my heart to be true.   I lacked confidence in my own ability and I wanted someone to help me prove it to myself. I wanted a clear set of guidelines and rules to follow. I wanted a path forward.  I also wanted to feel more aligned with my own deeper desires in life.

What I have learned is that the book I was looking for, the manual for intuition doesn’t exist.  

Intuitive gifts are so individual.  The reason I couldn’t find the instruction manual I desired was because there is no one way forward.  There are many. 

This is why I developed the High Priestess Embodiment Workshop, was to give clients the tools to start to build this structure for themselves.  I wanted to save people from the loneliness and confusion I felt. I wanted to give them exercises to start to notice their intuition in their body as well as where they feel fear or anxiety.

Our culture is so focused on achievement.  Nothing is more revered and rewarded than hustle, multi-tasking, and constantly striving for something new.  It’s easy to feel completely out of touch with yourself and what you want in your life. It’s easy to be brainwashed into wanting what society, family, and friends tell you to want.

Usually we spend time striving towards these things and then are confused when we get them and don’t feel satisfied.  Have you ever experienced this? Obsessing over something thinking that achieving it will make you feel accomplished only to get it and still feel like it’s not quite right?

I designed the program for anyone who has an interest in getting back in touch with their intuition.  Intuition is like a personal super power. It empowers us to say “no” easily to things we don’t want and gives us clarity on what we do.  It allows us to release the doubt that society programs us to have and really learn to trust that we are making the right decisions for our personal situation at any given moment.

The exercises that I put into this course are the exact exercises I used to grow my own intuition and feel more confident in my readings, and also in decision making in my life.  They are designed to help participants to create their own version of a playbook and provide them the confidence to experiment and start to notice how and when intuition shows up in their daily lives.  They are designed to build trust in yourself.

I will also be providing answers to common questions that come up from those taking the course.  Each participant will have the opportunity to ask two questions which will be recorded and posted in the course for all to have access to.

The course itself is entirely self-paced.  It can be done all in one sitting, and it’s roughly 90 minutes of content plus the follow up question/answer recordings.  All participants will also have access for the lifetime of the course, so any updates that i do to the course in the future will be included, as well as all future question/answer recordings from future releases.

This course isn’t about me handing you all the answers.  It’s about you gaining the tools to start searching for your own answers and recognizing solutions when they come up in your own daily practice.

It brings me so much joy to watch students connect and start to put the pieces together for themselves.  I love watching them gain confidence and celebrate their wins.

If you are interested in signing up you can sign up here.  If you have any questions you can feel free to reach out to me via email sheila at

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Connecting to Intuition in Emotional Moments

As someone who is highly emotional myself, learning to listen to my intuition during times of emotional turmoil has been one of my biggest challenges.

So often this is the work I am facilitating with tarot and Reiki clients.  In moments of upheaval, when they feel disconnected and overwhelmed, they come to me to help them sort through the chaos and tune in to their own inner knowing.

So how can we learn to connect even in these emotional moments when our ego is screaming at us, and we are operating entirely from a place of fear?  How do we quiet that noise and learn to listen on our own, without guidance from someone else?

I would love to give you some kind of shortcut here, but the truth is that it takes practice and time to learn how to build this muscle. The following are some ideas to get your started.

Write it Down

The easiest and most concrete way I have found is to write it down.  When I feel frustrated or desperate, or let down, or inadequate, I sit down with my journal and write out what I think is going on. I keep going deeper and deeper until I reach the root of what is really bothering me.  

That might look something like: I’m mad at my partner because they don’t pay enough attention to me.  Going deeper: I’m hurt because my partner forgot something important, and it makes me feel like they don’t value me.  And a little deeper: I’m really sad because I don’t feel like I’m being supported by the person that matters to me most and I’m worried that means they don’t love me.  

Just seeing the words on paper forces you to confront and deconstruct some of the fear that comes up. This exercise is about finding the truth underneath the story we tell ourselves.  If you’re not sure if you’ve gotten to the root of the issue you can keep asking questions but try not to be too hard on yourself. Sometimes the real breakthroughs come from going back over your notes later.

Come to Your Cards

There are a lot of tarot teachers who say that you should always come to your cards with a clear mind and when you are calm.  I respect their opinions but I also think that really takes away from one of their most valuable functions: self-reflection.  

Tarot is a great way to reflect when you are having an emotional moment.  The cards themselves don’t have feelings or bias. They give us something outside of ourselves to look at.  You might find yourself saying the same thing over and over when you see them and that itself can be clarifying.

In this moment you will notice the story you are telling yourself and sometimes this is downright comical.  Sometimes I’ve pulled four cards in a row before I realize I have basically said the same thing to myself in four different ways.  Or even more hilarious is, I don’t like the card I pull, so I pull another one and it has a VERY similar meaning. This has happened to me so many times.

Find Moving Meditation

So many people come to me and talk about how they can’t meditate when they are stressed.  I get it.

Sitting quietly with your thoughts when your anxiety is cranked up and your brain is going a mile a minute is almost impossible. 

This is the perfect time for moving meditation.  As a yoga teacher, that is my go-to but there are so many other options if yoga isn’t your thing.  Tai-Chi, walking meditation, or even just riding your bike and looking around at all the scenery can be enough to work the agitation out of the body.

Stillness does not equal calm, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re weird because you can’t sit in meditation when your brain is racing.

There are so many ways to come back down to earth when your emotions are running the show.  Along with all of these techniques, I have found that just noticing the narrative of my emotions helps me to tune into my intuition.

Any time I have a fear-driven narrative come up, I know what I’m hearing is emotion and ego.  It’s usually loud and has a spiralic quality to it. One negative thought leads to another and then another until I’ve gone ten steps down the rabbit hole with my anxiety in full force.

In that moment I notice the noise, but look for the little bit of quiet underneath.  That is where intuition waits to be tapped into and called forth.  

I’m very excited to announce that I’m bringing my High Priestess Tarot Embodiment workshop to the internet later this Wednesday, February 5th.  This is a workshop I have only offered live in person and after a lot of requests for it, I’ve decided to make it available as an online course.  

This course is a combination of tarot discussion, yoga, guided meditation and journaling.  The purpose of The High Priestess Embodiment Course is to put you more in touch with your own intuition, to build your trust in yourself over time, and to help you tune in to your inner guidance systems in moments of stress and transition.  It is open to everyone: male, female, or non-binary. The High Priestess is not about masculine or feminine. It’s about our ability to connect to deep inner knowing and learn to trust ourselves.

If you want to be the first to know about the release, sign up for my email list here.

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