So what exactly is Reiki?

I had such an overwhelming and positive reaction to my first blog. A big thank you to everyone who spoke up, made a comment, or sent me a text about my big secret.  It went much better than I expected and it was a huge weight off my shoulders.

I am now officially out of my corporate job and I’m now working for myself full time.  

It feels good but in true Sheila fashion I haven’t given myself much downtime.  I’m working on that now. Trying to build some time into my schedule for myself.

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about a question I get often: What is Reiki?

The actual word Reiki  translates as “rei” which means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and “ki” which means “life force energy”.  So together it translates to “spiritually guided life force energy”.

Reiki activates the natural healing process of the patient’s body and promotes relaxation and well-being.  It involves laying hands on a patient (or in cases of trauma skipping hands on touch) to help move life force energy through the body.

My experience with Reiki was one that was very unexpected. As I explained in my last blog I was always able to feel and hear people’s energy. I just didn’t realize that until I had been through several levels of reiki training.  

I use two different types of Reiki: Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki.  

Usui Reiki is used to treat physical and emotional issues that are coming up for clients at the present moment.

Kundalini Reiki is used to heal more karmic issues.  These issues can be related to past life trauma or karmic ties to certain people and behaviors.  I’ve seen many skeptical clients have dramatic reactions to this treatment including physical changes in the body and posture to sudden emotional release.

I use these two modalities together to provide a healing session that is as complete as possible.

It’s exciting for me because anything can come up.  I usually get an idea of what I want to do from sitting with the client and going over their goals for the treatment.  Often when I get started I am guided by my intuition to go deeper or get more specific with my treatments. I will sense things about their energy with my hands and i will also sometimes hear or see certain things around their body. For example, rather than something like “let’s send some healing to this clients relationship with food and nourishment” to “let’s send healing to the competitive relationship she has with her mom and sister to help facilitate a healthier relationship with food and nourishing her body”.

In my experience receiving reiki I have noticed a reduction in anxiety and also some relief from PTSD and for the hypervigilance that comes with it.  I experienced some relief from issues I had with my SI joint and my left leg. I also experienced stress reduction while I was going through my initial mediumship experience.

My patients have reported better sleep, less, anxiety, and increased mental focus and overall clarity.  I’ve worked with patients who have a wide variety of issues from autoimmune diseases, to insomnia, fertility issues, and depression.  Each patient’s experience is different.

I’ve found that treatment can be particularly effective during times of transition.  I work with many clients as they are transitioning into new jobs, becoming parents for the first time, as well as clients who are going through separation and divorce.  They report that reiki helps them deal with grief, stress, and sleep disruption.

I’ve also found that treatment can be effective during autoimmune flare ups.  When a client is in a flare I suggest they come in once a week until the flare reseeds. They report shorter flare up time frames as well as increased energy and better sleep.

Another frequent question I receive is how often clients should come in for treatment.  This depends on what they have going on but for the majority of people, once a month is a good frequency.

I’m running a grand opening special if you come in for a Reiki session in May or June, you will receive a free three card tarot pull.  I love combining these two modalities as it offers some additional guidance after our session for the client to take with them.

If you would like to schedule a session send me an email.  I would love to work with you.

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  1. I would like to schedule a session.
    My niece, Corrisa Groves, just had a session with you and was very pleased with her experience.

  2. Hi, Sheila. Please let me know where you are located. I would like to make an appointment with you before the summer, if possible. Just let me know. Enjoy your day :)!

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