June Business and Talking Tarot

I can’t believe it’s already June.  The month of May was a complete blur trying to get myself set up and figure out my flow. I said it before but I have to say it again. I’ve been blown away by the love and support I’ve received from my community.  

I’ve received so many personal recommendations and I’m really honored by people’s trust.

This past weekend I read cards at the Trubarre Anniversary Party in Lafayette Hill.  It was such a great group of women. There were so many tarot newbies. I had so many questions about how tarot works and so many nervous ladies with big questions.

People see tarot represented in movies or on tv shows as this big scary fortune telling thing.  They see the death card and shudder or say “Oh no! That’s bad, right?”

I had the experience recently of going through security at the airport and my bag was flagged.  (For whatever reason my cards seem to always set it off). When the agent pulled the cards out she saw the death card and audibly gasped.  I assured her that it was a good card to get and that it represented transformation and rebirth but she did not look like she believed me.

I could go into a whole post about how tarot and other new age items are misrepresented constantly in film and movies because they are tools that empower marginalized groups but that is a post for another time.  

What I will say is that it is popular to make things like tarot scary and that there are thousands of misrepresentations in pop culture.

I view tarot as a tool for reflection and coaching with clients.  More like a weather forecast of what sort of storms you may deal with over the coming months

It gives an overview of the kind of energy you will be working with in a given moment.  My clients can attest to the fact that I am more intuitive coach than fortune teller.

To show you what I mean I have written up a reading that I did for myself today.

Here’s a photo of the three card pull that I did:

As I mentioned above I have been extremely busy since going full-time with my work but I’ve been a bit anxious about what kind of business vacation season will bring.  Today I did a reading about what I need to know about my business in the month of July.

This very beautiful deck is the Starchild Tarot created by Danielle Noel who is an incredible artist – as you can see on these cards.  It’s the deck I use most often.

My first question was “What might I experience financially in the month of July?” .   My first card is the 5 of crystals reversed (crystals represent the classic pentacles suit in this deck) represents some internalized fear about my finances.  

How I read this for myself would be that the fear about my ability to make money is speaking much louder than any actual lack of clients.  My intuition tells me that July will be a bit quieter than the past few months but that I will still be seeing consistent business.

This card speaks very loudly of my fear of having to rely on people around me financially.  Financial independence is a a big source of pride for me. Moving into this new world of working for myself has triggered so much fear for me in being able to not just make ends meet but thrive the way I did at my corporate job.

The idea was not to quit my corporate job working so many hours every week but to actually allow myself more freedom in my time every week.  I’m not trying to exchange 40-50 hour work weeks for more 40-50 hour work weeks.

The second question was “What needs my focus as I move into July?”.  The King of Crystals tells me that I really need to focus on finding some stability.  Immediately this is a reminder to set my schedule.

So far I have been fitting appointments in all over the place and making myself as available as possible to clients. This isn’t a bad thing but I have been feeling strongly like I need to work out my hours with a bit more consistency.  

I also get the intuitive impression as I look at this card that setting those boundaries around my time will allow me to have more financial security rather than less, which is what I’ve been afraid of.  One of the reasons I’ve been saying yes to everything is because of that general financial fear I have. This card is a reminder that setting good boundaries around my time will allow me to fit in more clients during prime times for my own energy.  I know that this will keep me focused during those times and also keep me from feeling burned out.

The final question was “What might help me feel more confident in my finances moving forward?”.  For this I pulled the Hierophant. This card is really about setting your own standards and being your own expert.  

The message in this card is really about trusting myself.  This is an uncharted and non traditional career path that I’m on.  There’s no clear worn in path forward and it’s very much about me deciding for myself how to structure my time and how much, or how little to work.

I also see this as a need to focus on value rather than just finances.  It’s a great reminder of some of the intangibles of working for myself like getting to sleep in, or having time to go to a yoga class at lunchtime.  I also have a lot less daily stress on me at the moment. I feel a generalized stress about making enough money and booking clients out for the next month but I don’t have pressing daily stress on me the way i did at my last job.

All together this reading tells me that some of the more common fears that I have about my financial security are coming up in July.  I might notice myself being more obsessive about checking my bank account or worrying about scheduling enough sessions with so many people traveling.

That said, I do have the ability in the King of Crystals to have more abundance by setting good boundaries around the hours I want to work and what I want to do during those hours.  I was happy to see this come up because it’s something that has been popping into my head a lot over the past week or two.

Finally with the Hierophant, I really see that there is no “right way” to do things.  I have been reading so many books on business and listening to podcasts and asking friends and what I keep coming back to is there is no straight-line, obvious way to be successful.  Different things work for different people. This card is a great reminder that while I can look at all the expert advice I want, I am ultimately going to be the best person to decide what works best for me.

Now all of this might seem super obvious and easy to to say for an outsider but when we are in the midst of these emotional and stressful moments it is hard to get clarity on what we need to see the most.  That is where tarot comes in for me and my clients.

So often I feel like I am confirming something that my client already knows but is doubting.  Tarot provides the mirror to confront them with those things and teach them to trust their own intuition.

This represents a very short reading that I did for myself.  When I work with clients one on one we typically get a lot more in depth based on what they need to know most in a given moment.  

I frequently coach people as they are going through transitions in life: marriage, divorce, new career, motherhood, birthdays, etc.   I also work parties where I do mini readings which are great for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or even holiday parties. I have only a few party dates left in July.

If you are interested in booking a reading or a tarot party for yourself you can find info on booking here or send me an email sheila at starsagespirit.com.