Using Tarot to Navigate Career Change

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In Episode 5 of Living Tarot, I discuss how tarot can be a useful and effective tool for navigating career changes and crossroads.  So many of us have blind spots when it comes to our careers.  We get tunnel vision and it’s hard to see clearly.

  • I discuss the types of readings that can be helpful when navigating career crossroads.
  • I also speak to how tarot can help you to navigate multiple options instead of just focusing on one thing.
  • I explain how tarot can help with goal-setting and achievement by acting as a tool for reflection and investigation.

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Welcome to Living Tarot. I’m your host Sheila Masterson. I’m a tarot reader and teacher, an energy healer and medium, and creator of Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives. Each week on this podcast, I’ll share my own experience of embracing and growing intuition and interview guests about how they heard the call of intuition, embraced the adventure and embodied the tarot along the way. Join us and learn how you can stop second guessing, empower yourself through intuition and live intentionally with the Tarot.

Hey there, welcome back to another episode of Living Tarot. Today on the podcast I’m going to be talking about navigating career changes and transitions with Tarot. In today’s episode, I really want to focus on some of the more practical ways to use Tarot. Whether you are a full time reader or you are somebody who casually dabbles. Tarot can really provide a lot of insight and especially when it comes to career can help to take some of the emotion and some of the kind of the boxy way we can think about our current career trajectory and turn it on its head a little bit. So we’ll be going into that on a little deeper level. And I’ll talk about some of the ways that I use Tarot in sessions to work with people on their careers.

 So let’s get into it. Starting out, one of the things that I see happen a lot, I do a lot of career readings. And so I see a lot of people who come In, and they’ve kind of planned their whole career based on either what their company has told them is available, or what their family has told them as available, what they heard in college was available. And as much as it can give us a little bit of a map to follow in our career, it can also really narrow down our ability to be creative, to accept new ideas and challenges and to think outside the box a little bit. And so one of the things that tarot can be really great for is offering us kind of a shift in perspective and getting us outside of our own. Our own kind of cultivated thinking on what our career should look like, can look like, and the directions in which it can expand and grow.

So with that said, some of the bigger things that I use tarot for are things like career trajectory. So sometimes I will sit down and do a reading with a client who is looking for kind of what to focus on over the next year of their career. So they might be happy with the position they have. They like their company, they’re in a pretty good position. And they’re just wondering what will help their career most long term. So whether that is getting more training, volunteering to be on a certain team are to take on a certain type of project. They’re really looking for insight on how to very specifically grow their career and to be intentional with how they’re using their energy throughout the year. And so we might do a full year spread where we go into what the energy of the year is going To bring professionally and what they might experience over the next 12 months, and how they can best serve themselves through some of the challenges that might be coming up. Sometimes we look very directly at what challenges they’re going to face. And all of that is great because it provides a lot of info. And it usually serves as validation for something that they’re already feeling. So most of the time, what I’m saying isn’t coming totally out of left field, it may be something that they didn’t even tell me about that they were already considering doing a training on something that came up and happens frequently because you know, we are all intuitive and people do have an understanding of what they really need to do in a given moment. And so when they come in, I can provide a sort of validation that helps them to feel more grounded and comfortable making that decision. And it can also provide them with a greater sense of calm going into it, and a greater sense of accomplishment, and agency over what steps to make next. And so it’s not about coming in and having the cards, tell them exactly what to do and how to do it and what to expect. And when to expect it. It’s more an offering of what they might be up against what they might be facing, and how they can best approach that with grace and understanding and with the greatest outcome in mind for them, and really to empower them to make the best decision for themselves in that moment. So that’s kind of the first way that I work with people.

The second way is that when people are feeling a little bit out of alignment with their career or like, they thought they were going to like something and they maybe didn’t like it so much, and they’re really looking for, what should I really be doing? What is my ideal career? Or what is the ideal position for me, I, I have this sensation of not quite knowing how to put my finger on what doesn’t feel right about my job, but I know that something isn’t right. And so in those kind of sessions, where we’re looking at your ideal work, it can be very helpful because often, it’s not terribly different than what the person is doing. There’s just some element that’s out of alignment, whether maybe you’re in a support role, and you need to be more in an individual independent working mode. Maybe you prefer to be in a supervisory mode, and right now you’re not or maybe you need to Be able to set your own schedule and and you’re not in the position that you have. And so when we do this ideal work type of spread, it can provide insight not just into the type of work that is ideal for you, but also the structure of that work, the emotional input and output of that work, the time commitment and the energy commitment, and can really help to give you some valuable information about why you’re not feeling in alignment with the work that you’re doing, even if it might look good on paper or sound good or even if you really like most of the things about what you’re doing, and just are having a hard time closing the gap between that level of satisfaction that you’re hoping to achieve. And so, in an ideal work spread, we can really look at who you are as a person What the position is like that would be ideal for you and how that compares to the position that you’re actually in now, because usually the disparity can come up pretty clearly and pretty quickly, and show some insight into how and why that might be. So that’s our second second type of reading. From there, we also have time to the timing piece. So when is it time to make the next move in my career or for entrepreneurs? When should I release this next offering? What should I be working with right now? What should I be working with over the next couple months and when would be kind of the most opportune or the most successful time to release this next project that I have covered? up, or when is the best time to really focus on creative pursuits or when is the best time to buckle down and focus on setting up structure and support in my business. And so those sessions can be extremely, extremely helpful because especially for for people and and this one I see a lot of entrepreneurs and solo business owners come in and look for because sometimes we have a lot of emotional attachment to projects that are very personal. I speak from my own experience of really wanting people to have a certain experience of of my work and I get very excited when I have some new creative projects coming up. 

This podcast is a perfect example. And I can want to like throw myself into it 110% every single project, but I have recognized And over time, realized how important it is to time these things, right, because when we try to push really hard on something or force something out, it can really lead to us dropping the ball on other projects or other things that we do regularly. Or it just might not be a time when people are ready to hear it. Or you might not have the kind of creative energy at that time to really bring a project to life. But in a few months, you’ll have a little break and then a little time to actually tune into that. And so when we do a reading, where we’re looking at timing and everything, it can be very helpful. To again, look at what the natural energy that we’re going to be having in a certain time period is and help us really effectively use our resources so that we’re not spinning our gears because especially for entrepreneurs, it can be very easy to get distracted by shiny object syndrome and constantly chasing around something that we’re really excited about and really passionate about that looks really good. But it’s just not really well timed or doesn’t quite fit into our business as it is. And not every single project necessarily needs to happen either. And so with these type of readings, sometimes it can help people discern what is most important, if it is a project for right now, if it’s something that needs to be placed in a parking lot or in kind of like a project backlog where you can kind of go through periodically and see what jumps out at you. But it might not be something that is in alignment with your business and the goals that you set for yourself that year. So that can also be very enlightening. 

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That kind of leads me into another reason, which is to help you really set and align your business goals for the year. So just like a lot of readers do, sessions each new year for kind of their personal year ahead. I also do business year ahead readings or career year ahead readings, where we’re very specifically buckled down on your business and career. So especially for entrepreneurs, we’re looking at what you’re goals are and and for for just regular career readings, we’re really looking at what your goals are for the year how to really prioritize those how to not get distracted. And it also usually entails looking at what those distractions might be because just having that knowledge can help us recognize them quicker, and kind of shut it down if we’re finding ourselves getting really distracted. And so that can be extremely helpful and extremely enlightening for opening our eyes to possibilities and also setting us up for success and making us accountable to what we really want and to keep checking in with those goals throughout the year. So that is one of the offerings that can be extremely potent, and I do have people who still reach out to me, you know, months later and we do a check in every now and then, like once a quarter just to to check in on health. Things are going and how we’re feeling in alignment to those goals, and how we might need to shift a little bit. And it’s been extremely, extremely exciting to see how it has helped clients to stay really, really focused. And to hear feedback from them on how the quality of their time working and of their lives even given so much going on in the outside world right now with a global pandemic and an upcoming election in the United States. How it has really helped to keep them grounded and focused at a time when it is very, very easy to get distracted. And so it’s been really exciting for me to see how, over time the reflections that these cards hold up for people in this, this mirror that they provide really, really helpful To serve as something that is clarifying and very intentional. And so that is really a huge part of my philosophy with reading Tarot is recognizing that Tarot is really a mirror for all of our human experiences, and each card is an archetype that represents an energy that we all experience at different times. And so within those 78 cards, we really are provided with this, this reflection of exactly what we’re going through in a given moment, what we need to prioritize how we’re feeling energetically how we can find support and how to carry that support with us. And how to call on it when we need it and how to effectively use all of the resources that are at our disposal without pushing ourselves into burnout or exhaustion and so I’ve really found that that can be a very, very potent and effective type of reading for for career and business Tarot and then finally, and these are just kind of the primary ways that I use it it is by no means the be all end all of career Tarot. But I did want to mention a couple specifics just to give people some ideas if you read for yourself how to how to really create and start to cultivate your relationship in more of a business setting. 

And then the final way that I use this is really making choices. So, we all kind of come to different crossroads. So, navigating crossroads and career where we might feel like what we are doing is no longer in alignment for us. We might be feeling called to one or more other things, we might be feeling called to add something maybe a side hustle, especially millennial generation. Having a side hustle has kind of become the norm because of a lot of the financial struggles that millennials have faced since graduating most of them either right before or in the midst of Great Recession, and now with dealing with a second recession and their early careers, really experiencing and me to be creative and to find other options and also a little bit more control over the Our financial lives. And so I do work with a lot of people who are trying to find either additional work or work that is more in alignment and are facing that career crossroads that they’re trying to navigate. And it’s important to mention here that in American culture, a huge amount of our self worth and value is tied up in our career and our work. And so it can be extremely, extremely difficult for us to agree to give up that level of control or to open ourselves up to the possibility that we might have picked not the wrong thing, but maybe just not the long term thing. And to recognize that the resources that we’ve put into something may be needed. be shifted and put somewhere else. And there’s a lot of pressure from basically the time that you’re, I guess, like a junior senior in high school, to really choose something that you’re essentially going to do forever, which I don’t really think is realistic for most people. I think for some people it is absolutely, but I also think that for most people, their career is a lot of Crossroads where they have to make choices. And so this is probably the reading that I do most often is this kind of career Crossroads navigation, where we look at different options and different ideas that you have and really look at what each of those entails. And it’s not about again, it’s it’s not about giving our power away to a deck of cards or letting the cards choose for us what we should do. It’s instead about getting information about what each option holds, so that we can make the best choice for ourselves. And that is what it’s really, really all about. Because it doesn’t really do you any favors. If you go into a reading and you think you’ve been offered your dream job and you’re so excited and you can’t wait. And you go into the reader and you ask, should I take this job? And you get the answer? No. Because then what are you left with? Nothing. And I will talk about this a little bit more in an episode that I do on how to ask the best questions in a reading but this this style of reading was really born out of recognizing that often Yes, no questions don’t really give us the information and tend to disempower us, rather than tuning us into our true feelings or our intuition. And so, when it comes to this Crossroads spread, it can really provide a lot of information and a lot of clarity. And it can help trigger the intuition of not just me as the reader, but also the client who’s sitting with me and and if you’re doing this for yourself, you know, it can help trigger your intuition around. What exactly it is that that you need to see about this dream job. Okay, it’s your dream job, but you shouldn’t go in guns blazing because your new boss is a micromanager. So just be aware of that or maybe, you know, you were offered two jobs and one seems better than the other but instead, it would have you you know, taking on too many putting on too many different hats or having to be too divided in your time or working too long hours, or maybe The boss kind of changes the job description once you get in there, you know, and there’s, there are so many different things that can come up around this. And so with this type of reading, it can really offer you a very holistic and robust understanding of what exactly, you’re looking at in different scenarios. And if you are in a place where you are just a little bit confused about where to go and have a couple of different ideas about what you might like to do, it can really help trigger your intuition and show you very clearly which path is correct or maybe which two paths are correct, or how to blend something that you were interested in into, you know, a side business or something that you do a little bit more maybe for fun even in in your regular life and it It will tell you things about that work like you can expect to make, you know, a good living off of this type of work, or maybe, you know, it would take you a long time to get to a place where you were making a good living. Or you would really have to have your heart in this work because it’s more of a service type of thing. And you’re maybe not going to make as much money from it as you would hope. And not to say that it’s all about money. But but that is certainly an important consideration when we are talking about career. Or perhaps it’s time, instead of money that’s important. So maybe it’s more important for you that you have something that allows you to be flexible with your time and your energy. And maybe you need something that allows you to set your own hours and there’s there’s a lot of different ways to look at this and to ask the questions in a way that can be extremely informative and really helpful to navigating all of those different diverging directions that are seemingly unrelated Related, and can help really give you a holistic picture at what’s going on in your career, what you’re kind of butting heads up against, and where you really need to start taking steps in a new direction. 

So those are some of the ways that you can work with that. I am right now working on putting together a more robust, spread grouping, so a little bit of a, a mini training type of thing on creating some more robust spreads for people who are more advanced readers. And also if you are interested in learning some of these spreads that I’ve been talking about, I will be teaching them in my Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives course, which opens up at September 21. And so you can Sign up the for the waitlist, the waitlist will be available in the show notes for this episode. And if you are interested in getting a reading with me, you can head over to my website, and see what’s available. I am open right now for readings in September and October. And really looking forward to connecting with some of you. If you have comments, questions, anything came up for you that you found particularly interesting. You can also send me an email at I would love to hear from you. I’d love to hear your questions. And I’m always looking for ideas of what you would like to hear on future episodes. So you can do that now. I will see you all or speak with you all next week.

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